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I Guess That I Am a Photographer Now

In fact I am sort of working in the way that a lot of photographers do. I am just freelancing in large part until I get my own studio. A friend of mine is helping me to find work and also making it look like I work for him so that the payroll tax does not kill me. At any rate this week I got a big job taking pictures of escorts in Las Vegas Nevada. Now I did not know much of anything about this, but they apparently liked some similar work that I had done and the fact that I am not charging as much as some established people might charge you for the same work. Continue reading

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Stay Classy at the Beach

The key to looking elegant and glamorous at the beach is to accessorize your outfits. You can wear a plain white dress, but if you mix and match some items, your outfit will immediately become memorable and, most importantly, it won’t lose its practicality. You can start with the footwear: the most common option are flip flops, but this season designers recommend replacing them with wedges. If you’re sunbathing or having short walks, these are the perfect choice, because they are really comfortable and yet their platform makes you look taller and slimmer. There are two major trends in women’s footwear: first, you can wear wedges featuring bright, neon colors that look amazing against tanned skin, or you can wear wedges in neutral colors that have intricate leather straps or fabric wraps.

You can also turn a simple outfit into a special one by adding a few pieces of jewelry. The most popular option are by far necklaces, especially the huge, colorful ones with summer motifs such as flowers. However, you should always make sure that the

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Pick Right Earrings for Your Face

Basic face shapes and earring styles

To begin with, you need to decide on your face shape. One way to do this is to pull your hair back so that your face and ears are visible and to get a friend to take a digital photo. Then print it out as big as your printer will allow so that you have it as a reference.

Once you have the printout, compare your face shape with those following. As well as a basic description of each shape, we have included a few famous people with the same shape to help you decide and compare. We have also included a few suggestions as to the style of earring most suited to each facial style.

Oval features

Your forehead or brow is generally wider than your chin and you have a soft, rounded hair line. The length of your face Length will be about 1.25% more than its width. Two famous personalities with this facial style include Kate Hudson and Beyonce Knowles

Most suitable design styles: This facial style

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Different Watches for Different Events

For casual outfits (jeans and a t-shirt or casual button shirt), a leather band watch and silver stainless-steel watch are the best option. The leather band watch is one of the most casual watches available for men and some are digital as well. This gives off a very laid back and trendy look and feel. If you want to have a slightly sportier look while having some type of dress code, a stainless-steel chronograph watch is universally accepted to match with the majority of outfits. For the most part, these watches are water proof since they are sporty and casual. They match with most daily outfits and are functional enough to meet your needs.

For slightly dressier outfits, such as office attire, leather band watches do not cut the criteria and you should look for black stainless-steel watches or for a more mature look, a gold watch. A black stainless-steel unlike a white stainless-steel watch is more conservative and dressy. These watches can be all black but a popular design is the all black white with a dark blue background

White Gold Jewelery

First of all, white gold is still gold. However, it is an alloy of gold that has been mixed with at least one other metal. Normally the two most commonly used white metals that get added to it are nickel and palladium. Just like the yellow gold that we have come to know and love, the white gold’s purity is, of course, given to us in carats. This lets you know how much of it is actually gold and how much of it has been mixed with another metal. One thing to keep in mind is that you can never have a full gold ring. That is because gold by itself is way too soft. It has to be mixed with another metal to make it stronger. If you did not mix it, you would be able to simply press on it and bend it.

Whenever you are dealing with white gold jewelry, there are a few different purposes it can be used for. First of all, when white gold is made with nickel, it’s a lot stronger than other white gold jewellery. This means that it is perfect for making things like rings and pins. However,

Watch Styles Every Woman Should Own

Leather Band

This one is a timeless piece. Leather band watches are known for their neat and casual look that fit a workplace environment. In fact, they are basic watch that goes with anything. They can be worn by young and old alike. Leather bands are designed with functionality in mind. Features such as replaceable straps and waterproof dials make them more durable. There are multi-strap watches that let you mix and match your watch with your outfit. Women with larger wrists can always opt for a larger dial.

So, irrespective of the color you choose, you should have at least one leather strap watch in your wardrobe.

Bracelet watches

This style in ladies watches is great for a night out or a formal do. They range from dainty and delicate time tellers to bold and flamboyant designs. They are meant to be worn as a jewelry piece. They feature metallic finishes (gold, silver, rose gold and platinum), gold and silver elements and jewel encrusted dials. They are mostly made by designer brands and are expensive. These are those luxury watches you can reserve for special occasions.

A variant of the bracelet watch

Pick Watch to Gift

  • Think of the person you are going to gift a watch. It is better if the watch you are going to give functions more than just a timepiece. Is that person a swimmer? A skier? An outdoor enthusiast? The you could give a watch that can withstand environmental wear and tear? If you are gifting to a person who appreciates fashion. Then consider fashion watches, they will appreciate it if it comes in their favorite colors.
  • Watches can be mechanical wind-up, self-winding, and quartz. Of the three, quartz if battery powered.
  • Think of any of these extra features: alarm, thermometer, a heartbeat monitor, water resistance, stopwatch function, illuminator, compass, altimeter, barometer and the original watch band.
  • Be sure the watch band is a comfortable fit.
  • Look in custom shops for one-of-a-kind watch styles, they are more unforgettable than designer watches for their uniqueness.
  • Check for return policies and guarantee policies. That will be useful in case the recipient desires another model.
  • There a wide array of watches out there. Gift Certificates are useful if you are not sure which model the recipient likes.

Tips for Purchasing Bridal Jewelry

  • Remember, it begins with your engagement and wedding ring. This is probably the only jewelry that you’ll wear every day for the rest of your life. It sets the tone by showing your taste in jewelry and your personal style.
  • Decide what kind of ceremony you want. Formal, semi-formal? Afternoon or evening? Casual? A non-traditional medieval or Celtic wedding?
  • Don’t feel pressured into having a service that other people feel is appropriate. This is for you and your fiance to decide. The type of service you choose will effect all your other decisions regarding wedding attire and jewelry.
  • Buy your gown before you choose your bridal jewelry. Every piece of jewelry, other than your wedding set, revolves around the gown. It will set the tone for everything else.
  • Consider the color of your gown. Jewelry that looks gorgeous on a white gown might not look good on an ivory dress. Gold might add a perfect touch to an ivory dress but not on classic white. Try to coordinate the metal colors in your jewelry. Using both gold and silver doesn’t usually work.
  • Are you using any family heirloom jewelry?┬áIf so, you’ll need the

Reasons Buy Diamond Heart Pendants

They are Absolutely Awesome

A heart-shaped pendant is an ideal gift if you want to make your women happy on her wedding or birthday. In fact, it will make that day more memorable. Moreover, pendants can create memories that you will never forget. Made with precious metals like platinum and gold, this jewelry can make a great gift. Some are also embedded with diamonds.

If you are worried about price, know that the diamond-embedded ones won’t cost you an arm and a leg. So, they won’t empty your pocket. This is the reason many people have the budget to invest in them.

They are Meaningful

These jewelry items have deep meanings for everyone. Some people think pendants are full of love and affection. So, they can help a couple strengthen their love bond, which is the dream of every couple out there.

Aside from this, there are some spiritual and religious meanings as well. According to some people, this heart shape represents the love between human beings.

They Express True Love

Unlike other jewels, pendants are thought to manifest real emotions and feelings of love. However, the same can’t be said

Herringbone Blazers

The new slim lines of the wool blazers make it easy for men to still have the smart look of the college professor, while appearing fashionably comfortable and causal. When worn over a crisp oxford shirt and paired with crisp khaki slacks, the look is a mixture of chic and casual professionalism that is sure to fit seamlessly in any academic environment.

While the wool blazer will always have a beloved place in academic life, the modern herringbone jacket is finding a home in other places as well. The more tailored cut of these newly styled blazers makes them perfect for a warm casual look. Paired with jeans and a t-shirt, it is a look that is still comfortable while retaining that edge of fashion men wear so well.

Even though the wool jacket may be a slimmer and sleeker than the herringbone jackets made popular by the English gentry, they are still a great accessory for achieving a tailored, yet layered look. The warm blazers not only keep out the cool autumn air, the texture of the herringbone design helps to add an element of depth and separation that is necessary to keep any layered

About Gents Strap Watches

Some of the famous names that are available in the gents strap watches. Many low cost watch manufacturers also have these gent strap watches available. There are as many makers of these watches as there are people who wear them, thus accounting for the great diversity in watch making and types of watches that are available. The UK has a variety of companies that sell these watches some are available on websites. Pronto is an example of such a site. You can see the items that are present and see all the various intricacies and designs of the watches. Many Gents strap watches are really decorative and functional pieces of jewelry as well as practical devices to keep track of the time.

These watches may be less popular than they once were since the advent of cell phones but it is doubtful they are ever going to go out of style entirely, since they do serve a practical purpose; and also can look very attractive on the wrist of the wearer. One can only look on the web to see how many varieties of gents strap watches there are. They range from the multi function chronograph sports

Flower Dangle Earrings

The flower designs on the earrings can take different shapes and come in different colors and embellishments. There is such a wide range you can choose from and just like buying any other item, it helps to know how to wear and care for your floral dangle earrings.

Wearing the floral dangle earrings

  • The flower earrings come in different lengths and will often move and swing. Apart from elongating the appearance of your neck and face, they can easily tangle in hair. It is therefore important that you consider your hair length and style when wearing the earrings. You can go for a pixie and short bob styles or hold your hair up so you keep them off your hair. These hair styles also give the beautiful earrings a chance to stand out and be seen.
  • Since they can snag on clothing too, depending on their length and design, you also want to avoid high collar clothing, hoods and scarves when wearing the dangle earrings. Such clothes will not only give you a problem with the earrings, but will also make them look overwhelming with the bulk around the neck and shoulders.
  • Consider wearing

Perfumes for Work and Play

Gucci by Gucci

An unmistakably pretty, alluring, and modern perfume like Gucci by Gucci offers a musky and woody floral trail to make it perfect for evening wear. This perfume reveals a delightful blend of fruity top notes, which are complemented by Tahitian tiare flower and lily middle notes and honey, patchouli and musk base notes. This perfume leaves a person feeling sophisticated, feminine and elegant.

Infusion d’Iris by Prada

The Prada Infusion D’Iris by Prada perfume includes natural ingredient to create a light, fresh and clean scent. This contemporary perfume opens with top notes of orange blossom, galbanum, mandarin and lentisk, which are complemented with vetiver, cedar and iris middle notes and frankincense and benzoin base notes. This fragrance replies on a slow infusion process to carefully extract the natural smell from the iris plant. An elegant fragrance like Infusion D’Iris is recommended for evening wear.

Bill Blass by Bill Blass for women

A soft feminine scent like the classic Bill Blass provides a clean and white floral fragrance. The top notes include green mandarin, galbanum and neroil, which are blended with middles notes of tuberose, jasmine, lily of the valley and