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Stay Classy at the Beach

The key to looking elegant and glamorous at the beach is to accessorize your outfits. You can wear a plain white dress, but if you mix and match some items, your outfit will immediately become memorable and, most importantly, it won’t lose its practicality. You can start with the footwear: the most common option are flip flops, but this season designers recommend replacing them with wedges. If you’re sunbathing or having short walks, these are the perfect choice, because they are really comfortable and yet their platform makes you look taller and slimmer. There are two major trends in women’s footwear: first, you can wear wedges featuring bright, neon colors that look amazing against tanned skin, or you can wear wedges in neutral colors that have intricate leather straps or fabric wraps.

You can also turn a simple outfit into a special one by adding a few pieces of jewelry. The most popular option are by far necklaces, especially the huge, colorful ones with summer motifs such as flowers. However, you should always make sure that the

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Pick Right Earrings for Your Face

Basic face shapes and earring styles

To begin with, you need to decide on your face shape. One way to do this is to pull your hair back so that your face and ears are visible and to get a friend to take a digital photo. Then print it out as big as your printer will allow so that you have it as a reference.

Once you have the printout, compare your face shape with those following. As well as a basic description of each shape, we have included a few famous people with the same shape to help you decide and compare. We have also included a few suggestions as to the style of earring most suited to each facial style.

Oval features

Your forehead or brow is generally wider than your chin and you have a soft, rounded hair line. The length of your face Length will be about 1.25% more than its width. Two famous personalities with this facial style include Kate Hudson and Beyonce Knowles

Most suitable design styles: This facial style

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Different Watches for Different Events

For casual outfits (jeans and a t-shirt or casual button shirt), a leather band watch and silver stainless-steel watch are the best option. The leather band watch is one of the most casual watches available for men and some are digital as well. This gives off a very laid back and trendy look and feel. If you want to have a slightly sportier look while having some type of dress code, a stainless-steel chronograph watch is universally accepted to match with the majority of outfits. For the most part, these watches are water proof since they are sporty and casual. They match with most daily outfits and are functional enough to meet your needs.

For slightly dressier outfits, such as office attire, leather band watches do not cut the criteria and you should look for black stainless-steel watches or for a more mature look, a gold watch. A black stainless-steel unlike a white stainless-steel watch is more conservative and dressy. These watches can be all black but a popular design is the all black white with a dark blue background

Find High Quality Wrist Watches

Price Range

Although it’s always a good idea to follow a particular budget, it’s recommended to have some flexibility with the cost of investment pieces. The final cost of most wrist watches will highly depend on the overall quality and designer. Whether it’s a few hundred or several thousand dollars, there are many things to consider before settling on one investment watch.


There are thousands of different brands that have various watch styles and levels of quality. Wrist watches should always be very carefully considered according to the designer reputation and the high level of care taken to produce the timepiece. Learn about the best designers and find out common terms used in the industry to buy with confidence.

Timepieces with Style

Some watch styles change along with the trends while others keep the classic details that have always been a favorite for collectors and anyone who appreciates the beauty and design of watches. It’s always a good idea to find out which watch style will work best. This will immediately help narrow down a search and save time in the end. There are many trendy watch styles that are made for

Baby Dresses For First Birthday Party

When you are choosing a dress for a special occasion, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to get something that will be right for the day, but there are plenty of opulent options available. Whether you choose fashionable baby dresses, celebrity baby dresses or simply beautiful baby dresses from a high street store, you will definitely be able to find something suitable in your price range.

Formal dresses for babies are slightly different from many of the other styles of baby clothes which are available. Birthday dresses usually look a little bit more fancy than the clothes which you would choose for your baby to wear on an everyday basis. Whilst lace and frills are not advised on an everyday outfit, both can be found on occasion wear. Although you should always avoid lace if your baby has especially delicate skin, some petticoats are available which are made with extra soft lace which will not irritate your baby, so that they can continue to enjoy their big day. If you do choose something which might be irritating to their skin, you can counteract this effect by choosing the correct undergarment and layering the two

Tritium Watches

Tritium is a radioactive isotope of the element hydrogen. The chemical symbol for hydrogen is H. Tritium, symbol H3, occurs naturally in the atmosphere from the reaction of cosmic rays and air molecules. It is also produced in nuclear reactors during production of electricity. Tritium is composed of an atom of hydrogen with one proton and 2 neutrons giving it an atomic weight of 3.

Tritium has a half-life of about 12-1/2 years. This means that 1/2 of the original amount will decay in 12-1/2 years. While this half life is relatively brief in the world of radioactive materials, this gives tritium some useful properties. Tritium when encapsulated in watches, exit signs, aircraft gauges and other applications, will glow for up to 25 years.

The radioactive decay of tritium is not dangerous to man in these applications because it emits a very weak beta particle that can be stopped by even a piece of paper. Since the tritium is encapsulated in small packets made of glass or plastic, radiation doesn’t reach the skin.

The benefits of this decay is a bright display that can easily be read at night. The light emitted is not visible

Methods to Remove Perfume From Clothes

  • Simple solution – It often benefits to start with the simple solution. Perfume has the potential to break down once it is left exposed to oxygen, light, or heat. Put the clothing through the tumble dryer on a low heat. Or just leave to hang in an open space until the fragrance breaks down. This could take one or two hours to a day or more.
  • Stubborn stains – A more stubborn perfume smell is treated by using one of the spray-on fabric fresheners like Febreze or something similar. Use a fragrance free freshener if you have a sensitivity to perfume. Hang the clothes and spray lightly with the fabric freshener. If the aroma is particularly strong, it may help to spray both sides of the clothing. Now place the clothing in a tumble dryer for a short cycle spin.
  • Wash clothing – For the articles of clothing that are washable, place in the washing machine with a fragrance-free detergent. A more powerful aroma is often neutralized with the help of white vinegar. Add a half-cup to the rinse cycle. If using white vinegar, make certain to repeat the wash cycle to get rid of any

Sparkling Ice Earrings

The most obvious and traditional style of diamond earring is the diamond stud earring. You can find diamond studs ranging from the smallest .01 carats to carat sizes that will simply make your ears hurt just thinking about them. What sweet pain it would be though. The right pair of diamond studs, large or small, can be the perfect accent of elegance to any event. They will always attract the eyes of others, its just that the bigger they are, the faster those eyes will turn.

Another fashionable style of diamond earrings is the diamond chandelier earring. Now these can really come in all shapes and sizes. The one constant among all diamond chandelier earrings is the way that they will hang from your ears. They are usually very elegant with intricate metal work. The diamonds can serve to accent the metal work or to be the focus of the pair. You will find that these are hanging from the ears of many celebrities at award shows and other public events.

A third style of diamond earrings that are always popular is the diamond hoop earring. Again, diamond hoop earrings have many different variations, but again,

Different Types Of Hair Extensions

  • Clip in – A short-term option for enjoying hair extensions comes with the clip-ins which are easily applied or removed within a matter of minutes. Clip-in extensions are likely to feature a modest to large collection of hair attached to either a comb or clip that is effective at adding an extra degree of length, volume, or highlights. This is likely to feature as one of the less versatile options, but the ease in attaching makes it possible to attach or remove several times per day without needing to be concerned with damage to the natural hair.
  • Heat fusion – In the process of applying the heat fusion extensions it is necessary to rely on a specific type of hair-friendly adhesive such as keratin, glue, or wax. It helps to use the most desirable adhesive to match the personal needs and lifestyle, since some of these attachment methods like wax can have a quite low melt point which can result in difficulties when it comes to curling or blow drying. It is also reported that some of the adhesives can damage or otherwise have a negative impact on the hair.
  • Cold fusion – A hair extension

Polish Glam Look

Wearing clothes that fit and flatter your body is number one. Sometimes we have misconstrued ideas of sizes and shapes and lose ourselves in styles that may not suit us. First thing’s first: determine your body shape. This will then dictate what sorts of cuts and styles look best on you. Take handbags for instance. If you’re petite, then a small handbag or clutch compliments your stature, whereas an oversized tote might appear to shrink you. But if you’re tall and linear, then a crossbody bag can help create shape and dimension. The same goes for clothing. Certain cuts lengths and styles look best on certain body types. Additionally, determine which tones look best with your skin tone. Find which styles and colors look best on you, and even the most casual outfit will appear more polished.

Knowing how to accessorize is key in fashion. These handy tools can transform the style of any ensemble and dress it up or down accordingly. Having a collection of timeless accessories can ensure that you look put-together no matter where you’re going and can be added in a rush without planning ahead. We often think that looking manicured and purposeful

Colored Stone Diamond Earrings

Diamonds have always been the closest to a woman’s heart; and have invariably been the innermost desire of every woman. Diamond earrings have a style of their own, which makes you look exceptionally stylish and elegant. As we know that no two diamonds are alike, similarly the style and class that the earrings with diamonds studded would give, would be unique and something that you would be proud of. The best part about these earrings is that, they go along really well with all kinds of attires, irrespective of it being a formal or an informal wear. The earrings would basically vary in style, design, shape and size of the diamond studded on it. The different varieties available are drop earrings, hoops, stud earrings and chandeliers, in white and yellow gold, silver, or platinum.

Color stone diamond earrings make a great gift for your sweet heart. They best symbolize the vibrant colors in the bond that you both share; the diamond would reflect the intensity and the strength of the relationship. The best part about these earrings is that one gets to wear the color of his / her choice and also display the elegance and style

Nurse Mates Bryar

  1. Comfort – the practicality of shoes are very important in this scenario, as a nurse can spend hours on her feet.
  2. Appearance – whether its choosing a shoe that matches with her uniform or the outfit she’s wearing for dinner after work, a female nurse needs to look professional while maintaining her femininity.

The beauty of the Bryar is that it fulfils both requirements, making it a truly versatile shoe the modern woman can be happy with.

With above average heel height and a huge range or colors and patterns to choose from, the Bryar appeals to a wide variety of tastes or circumstances. In the Bryar, Nurse Mates achieve this by fusing a fashionable looking shoe with the functionality of a nursing shoe. This shoe includes the typical necessities of a good nursing shoe such as slip resistant outsoles, stain resistant exterior, and cushioned/soft inners. Check out a more technical break down of what the Bryar offers below.

A Closer Look At The Bryar:

  • 2.25 inches of heel.
  • Cushioned footbed: the exclusive Nurse Mates pillowed bottoms known for their incredible comfort.
  • Built with stain-resistant materials: available in leather or polyurethane, depending on the style.
  • Flexible

Dangle Earrings vs Studs

First consider your face shape. Round and square-shaped faces, or those that are as wide or almost as wide as they are long, will benefit from long, dangly earrings to elongate the face and neck. Adding hoops and other rounded shapes will help square faces in particular by softening those hard angles, while angular earrings will help add some dimension to round faces. Those with heart-shaped faces (wider foreheads or cheekbones and narrow chins), also look great sporting dangly earrings, just as long as they are wider at the bottom to balance out a narrow jaw line, like teardrop or pear-shaped dangle earrings. For those with long, slender faces, it’s generally best to stick to shorter earrings like studs or wide dangle earrings that aren’t too long. If you have an oval face, congratulations, you can pretty much wear any shape earring for a flattering look!

Hairstyle is the next consideration, especially if you have long hair that can be worn up or down. Generally speaking, up-do’s like ponytails, high buns and twists call for dangle earrings to balance out the height and provide an elegant swing and movement to accentuate the neck, while hair-down styles demand