Right Hat To Rock In Any Event

Sun hat

They usually have big brims and you can wear them during warm weather. You can choose from a variety of colors depending on the color of your dress too. They are a must during summer events and add color to your outfit.

The cocktail hat

Considered an accessory for evening wear, it is an alternative for the big and large-brimmed hats. It is usually smaller and exaggerated in price. Mostly decorated with fancy colored feathers, they can also be decked with a veil as well as beads and jewellery.

The cloche

This is a hat that covers the head from the above the eyebrows to the back of the neck. It is fashioned like a bell derived from a French word cloche, meaning bell. This hat was popularised in the 1920s. It usually has ribbons fastened to them and they relay different information about the wearer. Depending on how the ribbon is fastened, then you can know if the lady is married, engage or single and ready to mingle.

Straw hat

This is made from reeds or straw. It is a brimmed hat and has been a fashion statement as well as protective gear from the elements. This hat is famous across Europe and Asia and they are in various designs. You can wear this hat for the outdoors and during the summer to compliment your outfit.


They are worn either to weddings or evening functions. They have replaced hats in modern day fashion and is worn with official clothes. They are bedecked with decorations of flowers, beads and also flowers. This hat is made of fancy colors too. You can wear it to make a fashion statement or as an accessory. Whether you are attending a wedding or a horse racing event a fascinator makes you stand out.

Get an Affordable Great-Looking Prom Dress

Look for a vintage prom dress

It’s a common belief that any vintage product is costly. In fact, a lot of vintage dresses can be procured at much lower prices than the ones sold through department stores. If you can spend some of your time and effort looking for a vintage dress, you can surely get one at a reasonable price. If you are not keen to utilize a vintage dress for your prom night, following are a few other options:

Exploring the Closets

Another option is to spend some time checking the closets of some of your friends or members of your family. This comes almost free! Many girl like to preserve their prom dresses, making it so convenient to get one for yourself, without paying anything, except for making some minor alterations, if needed.

Discount Shopping

It is wrong to conclude that all goods available at discounted prices are of poor quality. Do not overlook discount shops offering prom dresses at reduced prices. You may be surprised by the results!

Online shopping

You should be aware that online stores sell goods at lower prices, compared to brick and mortar stores. A large number of branded products are available through online stores. An important benefit of online shopping is that, apart from saving your time, it allows you to visit various stores and compare their prices in a relatively short time. It is worth making an attempt, as usually one can get the desired items at very reasonable prices.

Making the dress yourself

Well, if you are good at sewing and you have some level of creativity, why not make the prom dress on your own? You could search the Internet to find an appealing design, and you can get sewing instructions from YouTube videos!

Personality With Fashion Socks

As an ABC News segment reported, The self-declared “sock man… is putting his love of eccentric (fashion) socks to good use this holiday season” by giving “his red-striped socks featuring his own face on them to the Yarmouth Chamber of Commerce in Maine.”

The 89-year-old Bush was spotted wearing the socks earlier in December at the Lyndon B. Johnson Foundation, where he was in attendance to receive a service award. But Bush has a longstanding history with fashion socks. To celebrate his 89th birthday, he sported a pair of Superman socks. He “even gifted President Barack Obama with a pair,” the Huffington Post reported in the wake of the celebration.

It’s also not the first time the former president has leveraged his love of socks to raise charitable funds. According to an Associate Press report, two months prior to his recent philanthropic gesture, Bush also donated a pair of cactus themed socks to the Portland, Maine Roman Catholic Diocese. “I absolutely love a crazy pair of socks,” he quipped in the letter of authenticity.

Individuals who are as fashion sock crazy and George Bush, Sr., even if their leanings are less eccentric than his are, may be surprised to learn about the number of sock options that are available to them. And these days, they can get their sock fix with a few simple clicks of their computer mouse.

Fashion socks run the gamut from outright bizarre, like those Bush favors, to something a little bit more understated. What’s more, even at their craziest, they can be worn anywhere to show off one’s personality. That’s because socks can be covered up under long pants or shown off with shorts or skirts, according to the wearer’s preference.

And because socks are such an affordable fashion accessory, consumers can own many pairs of them to express their unique personality without breaking the bank. Designs in hosiery, like fashion in general, change with the seasons. But unlike, say, a designer handbag, fashion socks allow budget-minded consumers to keep up on the most current fashion path.

And an online seller of fashion socks allows style-conscious shoppers the ability to browse all the many options, from the comfort of their own home, before making a buying decision. That experience eliminates all the sales pressure from the buying equation. It also makes window shopping less overwhelming.

Keep Looking Fashionable After the Recession

Wearing accessories that capture a style trend rather than buying new clothes you can save money and stay in fashion. Accessories are perfect for bringing life back into an old or basic outfit. More often than not accessories can be worn far after the season has gone and certain styles never date.

The sea and anchor theme that is present this season can be found on many different accessories. Costume jewellery with anchors on as well as handbags with anchor print are becoming very popular, the anchor seems to be a reoccurring motif in recent fashion times.

The flowery theme that is extremely popular at the moment is also easily translated into accessories, cocktail rings with oversized flowers have been seem on catwalks recently as well as floral prints on scarves and handbags.

The lace trend is also being frequently integrated into accessories. Costume jewellery with lace entwined in bracelets and gloves made out of lace are popular examples of this. Depending on the colours you choose the look created can be either very lady like or very gothic.

Costume jewellery and accessories can be used to enable you to wear the latest trends without spending copious amounts of money on just a few items of clothing. If you have a wide range of accessories in your wardrobe you are also able to mix and match trends and the clothes that you wear with the accessories, therefore creating many different outfits.

Make Winter Dressing Chic

Layering is always a great way to stay warm as well as showcase as many fashionable pieces as possible without going overboard. Loose cardigans look great whether you’re giving t-shirts some added winter life by layering them to adjust to the cold weather, or doubling it up over a cute flannel button-down. Cardigans are a great addition to any outfit and are warm to boot. A neutral, loose-fitting cardigan goes with just about anything and can be worn in any number of ways, whether it’s over a dress paired with a chic waist-belt or over a cozy thermal. No matter what the combination or the occasion, they are sure to keep you warm and adorable. Aside from neutral tones, a bold cardigan can also liven up an outfit, so make sure you have at least of these as well to better suit any occasion.

Tube scarves are another great winter staple and can be worn with any number of things or added to just about any outfit. Depending on the style, color, print, or any bold embellishments like sequins or some sparkle, tube scarves can act as an accessory as well as a shield against the cold! Even pairing a tube scarf with a loose cardigan will ensure that you’re chic as well as comfortable. Pair a bold tube scarf with a neutral loose cardigan, or the other way around. Mix and match and make as many outfit combinations as possible and you will be set for the entirety of the season.

Now, let’s not forget about large handbags. While they don’t necessarily help keep out the cold, they definitely help hold all of the accessories that you need to fend against those winter winds: gloves, hats, earmuffs, scarves, you name it! Plus, oversized bags or tote bags look great with fuller winter coats, no matter what your stature. Pair any of these staple winter items with anything from your wardrobe to make it winter-friendly, or better yet, you can layer and wear them all at once to successfully pull off that cozy winter chic in style and, more importantly, in total comfort.

Choose Maternity Wardrobe

Unlike regular clothes, maternity wear are designed specifically to accommodate the changes on a pregnant woman’s body. Pregnancy clothes are designed to adapt to changes in the body during the pregnancy and breastfeeding period. The clothes also offer additional room for growth in the expected parts of the body.

When choosing any pregnancy clothing, go for those that will easily accommodate your body, such as those with empire waist ties or stretching belly panels. The clothes should flatter your body during pregnancy and also ensure that you’re comfortable.

Consider the following when buying maternity wear:

  • Durability: Maternity clothes should last several washes. Moreover, they should be hard-wearing because you’re going to wear them for some months, mixing and matching them up.
  • Adaptability: During pregnancy, your body will undergo some shape and size changes. You’ll therefore need clothes that will adapt well to your body changes. For example, maternity pants with stretchy elastic panels and adjustable maternity belts or maternity tops that have pleats or ruches are perfect for nearly all pregnant women. These clothes and accessories are comfortable and will flatter your changing body.
  • Versatility: Get clothes meant for maternity use. Long sleeves maternity t-shirts that you can easily mix and match or tops that can stretch are the best choices. Color-blocked maternity skirts and neutral-colored pants can be worn with a range of maternity tops.

Don’t skimp on a maternity bra! Wearing good quality maternity bras is essential during pregnancy. This is because your breasts are bound to increase in size when you are pregnant. A good maternity bra will ensure that you are comfortable and can also be used throughout the breastfeeding period. Choose bras that have specially designed clips that will allow you easy nursing by dropping down each cup.

When you are pregnant, avoid the temptation of wearing any over-sized clothes you come across. Instead, you should specifically buy maternity clothes. When buying maternity clothes, you should be able to invent a mix ‘n’ match capsule, which will co-ordinate well with your current wardrobe.

Pearl Chokers

Pearl chokers are short and neck-hugging necklaces with a combination of smooth and luster pearls, silver or gold. These chokers can give you absolutely gorgeous, stylish and unique look in the crowd of gold, silver or other expensive diamond jewelry. These pearl chokers are of about 14 to 16″ in length and you can even adjust their length as per your requirements. Pearl chokers with multiple styles are available to give you elegant and graceful looks. You can choose single color pearl chokers for formal occasion to add courteous and gracious looks in your personality or else you can choose multiple color chokers for parties to make you feel trendier.

It is often seen that most of the people develop wrong impression that the pearls are not having color choices. It is totally a wrong view. There are several colors available and that is the reason why pearl chokers fit beautifully with most of your dresses. There are several colors available and it is up to you to choose the best you want.

There are many kinds and different types available for you to choose from when it comes to pearl jewelry. Thus, if you want something classy and unique, then you can have pearl chokers that would fulfill your expectations after all you really deserve what is best!

Women Fine Watches For Petite Women

Let’s face it, style defines us, style is what people see and is how people usually make their first impressions of you as you are seen. How do you find what style watches are in style today and what style watches will hold the test of time and be in style tomorrow. One way is to check out current women’s fashion magazines. These magazines are often promoting clothes, but pay attention to the details and the accessories used. Most, if not all of these photographs will have a nice variety of watches on the models. This is a good way to see what’s hot right now. Depending on the magazine your are looking at you can get an idea if the watch style will be a fad or will stand the test of time and look good five to ten years from now.

Being a petite women does have its challenging when its comes to shopping for that perfect fit. When looking for a watch one of the most important things to consider is the face and band size. When looking at the watch face make sure that it does not over power your wrist and look too big. Don’t get me wrong there are oversized watches and then there are OVERSIZED watches that are going to look a bit odd on petite women. The same idea holds true when selecting a band. Look for a band that is not too wide or to thick. If you are having problem adjusting a metal band to fit comfortably then you should look into a leather band. This type of band will allow you to get a perfect fit.

As with many other pieces of fine jewelry choosing that right color for your watch can be fun and easy if you know what you are looking for. If you want classic timepiece then look for something with gold and stainless steal. This look will always be in fashion and is eye catching. You can also find a watch in these colors with diamonds; this adds a bit of elegance to your watch.

When searching for a watch use these tips, hopefully you will find the perfect women fine watch for you. One last tip, when shopping make sure you understand the needs for your watch. Is it for luxury for a night on the town, or is it a sports watch for working out. Could it be the everyday watch you are looking for? Keep this in mind when looking for your watch.

Plus Size Style for the Workplace

Dress codes are designed to maintain the business atmosphere of the workplace and project the company’s image to clients. We live and work in a visual society and how we look at work matters. Did you know that people who dress well tend to be promoted more often than those that do not? Consider investing in the key wardrobe pieces you need to build a basic plus size fashion wardrobe for work. Some of the essentials you need are several pairs of nice slacks and a couple of skirts in basic colors such as khaki, navy, gray and black. These colors can be paired with just about any plus size tops or sweaters, making them essential.

In work environments of a more formal nature such as financial institutions, you need to have at least two nice jackets in your wardrobe. One should be for winter and one should be suitable for summer. These should be in the colors black, ivory, khaki or navy. Jackets should be tailored for a more flattering look, as they help define your waist, and they should fall below your hipline. You can have fun varying their look with colorful scarves and interesting accessories. Look for quality garments that are from well-known designers and your jackets will give you several years of wear.

You can individualize your professional wardrobe with your plus size tops. There are knits, blouses, button ups, sweaters and tunics in a wide variety of colors and styles. You can pair your tops in creative ways with your pants, jackets, skirts, vests, belts and other items. Stay away from clingy material that accentuates every bump and bulge. Avoid revealing tops which are unprofessional and keep your cleavage covered at work. You can change into your friskier tops before you leave work if you have plans for the evening.

Even conservative cuts in plus size tops tend to draw attention to curvy women’s bust lines. Check yourself in the mirror doing the things you usually do while standing and sitting daily. If your button-ups gape, change tops. If your midriff shows when raising your arms, change tops. When you are seated and someone is standing over you, if that someone can see down your top, change it. When in doubt, err on the side of caution. If your slacks pull down in back when you sit and expose the small of your back, wear a different pair. Panty lines should not show and pants should look pressed and neat.

Cossack Hat

You can spot this type of product from a mile away, they are usually made of pure wool or sheep skin and are brimless. They offer that elegant style whether worn with a coat and boots or whether worn for a winter wedding.

The Cossack hat originated in Russia. Russia experiences exceptionally cold winters and the beautiful style of this item was soon carried throughout the world. It is a very popular choice in both the UK and US today and offers that elegant finish when heading out on a cooler winters day.

The great thing about the Cossack hat is the choice of colours available, there are browns, blacks and pure whites. The ideal choice for any occasion, whether you’re attending a winter wedding, out walking the dog or heading into the city with a group of friends.

The Cossack hat has been worn by men and women throughout the world for years. There are a number of reasons for this. Firstly it is wonderfully warm, made from real wool or sheep skin, these hats offer exceptional warmth in cooler climates. They are stylish and elegant and can complement any wardrobe and to top it off, they are lightweight and comfortable.

For casual wear these items can be worn with a pair of jeans and boots when out with friends, walking the forests or just heading to the local store. When it comes to formal attire, they are a welcome addition to a smart coat when heading to a formal event.

Many brides choose the white Cossack hat made from real sheep skin to complement their wedding dress for a winter wedding theme. These hats are elegant and stylish enough to replace the traditional veil and leave the bride looking spectacular on her special day.

Before you rush out to buy your Cossack hat, there are some thing to consider. Firstly always ensure you are purchasing from a reputable company or store. You want to know the item you are purchasing is made from real wood or sheep skin.

In so many cases, customers overpay for items made of synthetic materials that fall apart after a few uses. The advantage to purchasing a quality item is that it is made to last and will last for many winter seasons.

The huge advantage to these items is that they are timeless, they have been worn for years and have never gone out of winter fashion. That means you can invest in a quality item now and still be wearing it in ten years’ time.

Always find out exactly where the hat was made and how it was made. Ideally you want a hand crafted item that is made using traditional methods. These are the items that are made to last centuries and continue looking fantastic years down the line.

The internet has made it possible to open up your search area. You don’t have to buy in your local area, which is a big advantage. This ensures you are able to purchase a quality and natural product, handmade and guaranteed to last from anywhere.