Belly Button Jewelry

The Allure Of Belly Button Jewelry

Although many people tend to think of body jewelry as a relatively recent phenomenon, the trend really started almost seventy five years ago.

Back in the 1930’s and 40’s, many popular movies featured exotic locales and featured seductive music and dancers. One particular style, the belly dancer, was especially popular with audiences. However, fashion and more conservative values in those days shied away from showing the midriff, so a compromise of sorts needed to be struck.

Movie producers found the compromise by placing a jewel over the belly dancers navel, which allowed the midriff area to be shown but the navel covered. And as such, the very first body jewelry came into prominence.

Buying The Safest Belly Button Jewelry

The main reason to be cognizant of the right type of navel jewelry to buy is to avoid possible infection. While the navel is generally regarded as one of the safest places to pierce, it is prone to infection from low grade alloys and metals just like any other area of the body.

First let’s discuss which metals to avoid. Stay away from imitation gold, coated materials, and silver plated. Make sure any gold body jewelry you purchase is nickel free, because nickel is known to irritate the skin, especially a piercing.

Safer types include surgical steel, titanium, and gold that is at least 14 carat or greater. In general, you can tell the difference between solid gold and gold plated by price. If the belly button jewelry you are considering is exceptionally inexpensive, there is a good reason why.

If your skin is sensitive and you are on a tight budget, you can still wear certain types of navel jewelry. The two safest inexpensive types are acrylic and glass, but check to be sure they are natural acrylic and glass, not coated with any other material.

Workwear Essentials

V-Neck Sweaters

A v-neck sweater refers to its V shaped neckline. It is a knit garment and is typically worn over a shirt or vest. Whilst you can purchase them in a range of colors, neutral shades are best suited to the working environment. Having a good quality v-neck sweater in your closet is highly useful, as it can be paired with both skirts and trousers. A simple lace black camisole worn beneath a taupe v-neck can make a classy yet understated work outfit. You can refresh this look by wearing camisoles in different color combos to vary up your look from day to day.

Midi Skirts

A midi skirt refers to the skirt’s mid length hemline, which falls past the knees covering most of the leg. It is often seen as the most flattering of skirt styles due to its high waistline and subtle split. A simple midi skirt in black, white or cream is a workwear staple and best paired with a fitted top or blouse. To make this outfit more interesting try a pair of stilettos and a jeweled necklace, which will help make your look stand out from the crowd.

The Fitted Blazer

A fitted blazer is a lightweight jacket, which has notched lapels. It’s stylish and smart when worn over a shirt or blouse and some tailored trousers. To make a blazer more feminine opt for styles that incorporate some patterned detail into the cuffs or buttons, such as a floral print or a contrasting color. Blazers can also be worn over skirts or cropped trousers, a look that is often seen on and favored by Kate Middleton.

Court Shoes

A court shoe is typically a pair of shoes that have a low cut upper shape and no fastenings. Depending on your preference you can purchase them in a range of heel heights, with higher heels being balanced by a concealed platform for comfort. Worn with skinny or tailored black trousers, the on-trend velvet court shoe with a pointed toe will offer your work outfit an instant style up date.

Workwear needn’t be boring or expensive. By simply having some key items in your closet you’ll be able to create stylish combinations that will look unique every time. Budget friendly accessories and vibrant blouses can help play up your femininity at work and help you feel fashionable and confident in your office attire once more.

Buy Affordable Diamond Earrings

The first C is the colour of diamond and the colour is the natural tint of diamond. And always remember that if you are searching for affordable earrings then colour is the most important factor which you must consider. Diamonds with yellow tint is affordable compare to red and pink as they are expensive.

The next is the cut of diamond which you must consider. The cut of diamond refers two different categories first is the quality of diamond and second is the shape. You can have host of choices in diamond cut such as emerald, princess, round and many other. But if you want to save money on your earring then you can go for those cuts which are not common because they are less expensive. You can also buy an earring of low quality. You can determine the quality of the cut by how much the light the cut reflects and make the diamond sparkle or you can also check how sharp the angle is.

Another thing which you must consider before purchasing your affordable earring is the clarity of diamond. Clarity refers to the number of imperfections or inclusions in your earring. Always remember that a clear diamond is very expensive therefore those who are searching for affordable earring can buy a diamond earring with a few marks inside. And you can not see these marks with naked eye therefore it is the best way to get earring at cheap prices.

At last is the carat of diamond. Carat of diamond refers to the weight of diamond and is measured in carat. And always remember that carat is the most important factor which you must consider if you are searching for affordable earrings because a diamond of higher carat is expensive compare to diamond of lower carat. Another reason of considering carat is that earring come in pairs and should have two equal sizes of diamonds.

After considering the 4C’S you must consider the style of your earring. There are host of choices in style but the most popular style is chandelier style earring. These earrings are best for formal situation and for those women who work. And they are very affordable earrings so you can easily buy it without spending your lot of money.

But if you are looking for classic style then diamond stud earrings are the best option for you. The most common style of diamond stud earrings are post and hinged. But before purchasing your diamond stud earring you must have the knowledge that in post style diamonds are placed on metal post whereas in hinged style diamonds hang below hinge. But before selecting the style of earring you must consider the taste and preference of your partner.

Amber Earrings and Jewelry

These hardened resinous pieces with fossils inside are collected primarily from the Baltic Sea region, Poland, Russia, Lithuania, and from The Dominican Republic in the Caribbean. The difference between Baltic amber and Dominican amber is the color. Although there is yellow, or golden brown amber in both places, blue and green amber comes more often from the Caribbean. Green, red, orange, brown rust-color amber or blue amber are all made into magnificent jewelry creations like the beaded Lithuanian traditional necklaces and the gorgeous translucent Polish yellow amber earrings that are famous around the world.

Amber earrings come in many styles, from drop or dangle earrings to amber encrusted hoops or clip on earrings and even earring styles that incorporate other gemstones. The most interesting sets may well be the green amber earrings that are set mostly into sterling silver settings and are quite affordably priced.

Silver amber earrings are the most popular because they are the cheapest. It’s just that simple. Many designers and small artisans can afford to work in silver and not in gold and since amber is a relatively inexpensive gemstone the combination of silver or pewter or other such semi-precious metals is conducive to keeping the costs down. Because amber is best in chunks and not cut too much (so as to not alter the inner fossils) amber stud earrings with large amber stones are very popular. The other type of jewelry that incorporates this unusual stone are amber drop earrings, partly because it mimics the way resin drops and gives a luminous, almost liquid feel to the earrings.

Heavy Duty Work Trousers

The birth and origin of trousers is cited as far back as the fourth century, when they were worn mostly by men. It was only later, perhaps into the 19th century that it became acceptable for women to wear trousers. It is believed that pants were developed to allow the Chinese warriors to remain comfortable while riding horses in battle. Historians note a strong correlation between the wearing of pants and horse riding during the early periods.

One of the clothing items that would not normally receive much attention is heavy duty Work Trousers. It’s not normally an area where anyone would wish to spend a lot of time. Heavy duty work trousers are more functional than anything else. They are worn, because they are robust and because of the material from which they are made, they can withstand wear and tear that may be more than normal, or can be expected from average daily use.

While heavy duty work trousers are designed to be functional, as opposed to being fashion items, it may not be fully accepted as part of the protocol, but there is nothing to prevent you from showing up at the office in a pair of work trousers.

If you are a business owner, the provision of work clothing can be considered as part of the expenses involved in doing or operating a business. With a bit of creativity, your workers, whether in the field or in the office can use clothing to present your company in a remarkable, presentable, and still professional light, and it can be done in a relatively cost effective manner.

The right pair of heavy duty trousers, that can be used in place of jeans can do wonders for your company image. Think of having your workers wear heavy duty work trousers and polo shirts or tops that feature your company logo, and you can go a long way to build awareness of your brand with minimal effort.

Work trousers are available in different styles, and some are designed to worn in specific work functions. There are a few features that may be desirable and users should try to find trousers that feel robust and durable while they can be worn comfortably. The best material should be a blend of polyester and cotton fabric. The polyester will provide the durability and resistance, while the cotton provides the comfort and tactile preference.

Ethnic Indian Shalwar Suits

India, the land of colors and variety, is famous for its unique traditional costumes, particularly for women. Besides giving them a graceful look, they define a woman’s true beauty, like no other clothing would. Traditional sarees and shalwar suits are two of the most famous dresses across the world, due to their comfort and gracious look. As a matter of fact, they rule the Indian fashion industry since days unknown.

Basically, this is a traditional costume, divided into three parts. The first part is the suit – a long dress covering the body from collar to knee-joint. However, this length may vary from one design to another. The second part consists of the trousers worn under the suit. Popularly known as pajama or shalwar, they cover you from the waistline to the ankles. The third part is the dupatta or stole. It is basically a scarf, measuring around two meters in length. However, there are many ways to design this costume. Depending upon your body type and comfort level, choose one that suits you the best.

The short knee-length style

This is an old but revived fashion, introduced by today’s fashion designers. Perfect for slim body types, they look extremely trendy and simple at the same time. Usually, they are not longer than a couple of inches below the waistline.

The fusion look

This is perhaps the latest style in the fashion industry. As the name indicates, the design takes inspiration from traditional patterns as well as western ideas. The perfect blend of style and comfort, this style is an all-time hit.

The ankle-length style

This is possibly the most elaborate and royal kind of Indian shalwar suits. At present, it is highly popular among the Indian women. In fact, it’s the perfect pick for weddings and other social gatherings. Basically, it sorts the look of a long frock, embellished with beads, stones and ribbons. Although popular with old Indian movie stars, they recently made a huge comeback. This style will definitely stay for years to come.

Wear Animal Prints And Graphics

Once only found in womenswear, animal prints can now be found in every conceivable category for men and women including accessories. Leopard prints remain the most important animal skin but other key patterns are zebra, tiger, giraffe and python skin prints. These patterns are all available in multiple color-ways many of which are not found in nature. Animal skins have been recolored to accommodate every imaginable taste and for every tier of distribution from mas to couture.

Recently animal depictions have evolved into hybrid designs where multiple patterns are joined to form one intricate print. Animal prints are now combined with florals, geometrics, stripes, checks and just about any other print design imaginable. Temperley London and Just Cavalli showed some amazing examples of this new trend in their Spring 2014 collections. designers continue to push the boundaries of what can be done to evolve this trend.

Animal graphics used primarily on tee shirts include an even greater range of fauna from the animal kingdom. From cute pugs to ferocious Rottweilers, there is no shortage of dog breeds to be found at retail. Tigers, leopards, chimpanzees, wolves, gorillas and just about any animal can be found on an article of clothing today. Many of these are interpreted in a humorous fashion with sunglasses or 3-D glasses on their faces. This comical take is especially popular in childrenswear where animal graphics are part of the eco-friendly trend.

Although there was a strong backlash to genuine animal skins and furs in the nineties, women still want to embrace these amazing natural patterns, albeit in a faux fur or faux skin fashion. These prints work best when combined with complimentary colors or other prints that contrast with the particular animal skin. Black is a natural complimentary color that coordinates well with leopard, zebra or tiger prints.

Hawaiian Jewelry

  • Ziyi Zihng’s of ‘Memoirs of a Geisha’ fame wore feminine and graceful long drop earrings at Golden Globes. These are also a rage and can easily be created using black Tahitian pearls. They are perfect for petite women or to showoff stunning shoulders in a strapless dress. Black pearls with sparkling diamonds are a great look for a night of partying in Hawaii.
  • Christel Khalil from ‘The Young and the Restless’ and was nominated for an Emmy for her role as Lily Winters. Christel loves wearing flowers and would in fact be a perfect model for Hawaiian jewelry. Hawaiian jewelry uses many flower motifs like plumerias, hibiscus and orchids. Christel’s playful and colorful flower necklaces could actually be inspired by Hawaiian jewelry!
  • Mischa Barton’s pearl danglers featured issue of OK magazine are simply to die for. Long, elegant diamond earrings that end in a pearl drop. Hawaiian Tahitian pearls pairs with long braided platinum earrings are the perfect option to steal this celebrity look.

Chandelier earrings and long, drop earrings are definitely the latest trends in jewelry being worn by the stars. And Hawaiian Tahitian pearl jewelry is the easiest and most economical way for the regular hardworking woman to add some celebrity bling to her jewelry collection!

Basics Of Baby Dressing

  • Size
    Clothing sizes for infants are very different from the styles of sizing which are used by adult clothing manufacturers. Sizing for baby clothes is usually given in months, rather than years or any other type of numerical sizing because babies grow so fast once they have been born. However you really need to consider the measurements of your baby, rather than just their age, because some babies can grow faster or more slowly than their peers. In fact, some larger babies are too big for 0 – 3 month sizing, even when they have just been born. If you are unsure, ask the shop assistant or look at a sizing chart to find out more about the measurements.
  • Practicality
    It is no secret that young babies go to the toilet a lot, and a lot of the time they will do this in their nappy, so you will be forced to change your baby a lot. It is essential that you buy clothing which allows you easy access to your baby’s nappy when you need to change them, because the quicker you are able to change your baby’s nappy, the better. Fiddly clothing is not practical for young babies, as you will find yourself very frustrated if you cannot get them off and on easily. Fiddly clothing can be especially difficult if your baby likes to wriggle around a lot.
  • Buy in bulk
    Because babies get messy a lot, many parents choose to buy more than one of the same item, because they cannot feasibly wash an item as soon as it gets dirty. How many of each item you need, can depend on how often you are planning on doing a load of washing with your baby clothes, but many parents choose to buy a week’s worth of every item, so that their baby has enough clothes to wear. If you live in an area where detergent and electricity is expensive, buying more clothes instead of washing the baby clothes more frequently can actually be the more economical choice. Buying enough clothes is one of the basics of baby dressing.

About Gucci Designer Hats

Fedora refers to the shape of the hat. Fedora hats are typically creased down the crown, pinched at the front on both sides with an oval brim. They became popular in the late 19th century and have since retained their level of popularity. Below is a selection of gorgeous high quality fedora hats for both men and women.

  • Beige Women’s Fedora Hat
    This classic designer fedora is crafted from beige canvas with a dark brown logo pattern. The trim ribbon is black and brown web with a designer trademark emblem in silver tone at the front. The top has a very slight crease, accentuating its feminine shape. This Italian made hat comes with a designer cover included for protection. This hat is a wonderful addition to most stylish outfits for all seasons.
  • Straw Hat-Black and White Web
    Another beautiful hat is a straw hat featuring the traditional designer logo design. The signature web detail is on the side, and the ribbon is black and white web. The details are gold tone. This hat will work wonderfully in the summer both to show off your style and to protect from the sun. It is a unisex hat, making it a perfect gift for anyone with a love of elegant accessories. It comes with a designer cover and is 4.5 inches high.
  • Hound’s-tooth Designer Hat
    This very stylish designer hat features a hound’s-tooth design in black and white. The ribbon is black and red web with the designer’s logo emblem on the side. This Italian made hat is 8.5 inches wide and 6 inches high and is an excellent choice for anyone with a classic taste. It is a more masculine hat than the others featured in this article but could easily be worn by a woman.
  • Straw Hat with Green and Red Web
    Another example of classic style is the green and red web detail in place of the ribbon. It is straw and comes with a box and cover. The hat is 8 inches wide and 4 inches high. It is a gorgeous addition to any summer wardrobe. The wide brim will do a brilliant job of protecting you from the sun. The hat is made in Italy.