About Perfumes for Different Ages

  • Teens and 20’s: For the younger perfume wearer there is still a sense of adventure while trying to decide the preferred type of fragrance. A young adult or teenager is more likely to be attracted to the floral, fruity and sweet perfumes. They are also more aware of the most popular brand names and marketing campaigns. Many perfumes are chosen just for the reason of being associated with a certain celebrity. This can make the celebrity based perfumes very popular. It is also important to remember that teens and 20-somethings often have oily skin compared to older women, so this needs to be considered in choosing the preferred fragrance.
  • 30’s: As you get older you will have a great sense of smell and life experience. This should make it easier to choose a perfume that is more able to complement the body chemistry and lifestyle. With a more experienced nose, it is easier to match the perfume to the wardrobe and season, which is different to the more unpredictable nature of the teenager.
  • 40’s: Women in their forties are more likely to consider the niche and luxury fragrance brands which come with distinctive top notes. Perfumes are often related to nostalgia and can remind the wearer of a treasured memory. A signature scent is certain to be noticed as elegant, sophisticated and mature. Because the skin is drier in later life, a perfume sprayed several times throughout the day is certain to help it last that longer.

All in all, by investing in the proper type of perfume to match the age group, you are certain to have the right perfume to complement the everyday lifestyle and skin type.