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Traditional Bride Idea

Beyond familial or cultural tradition, a traditional wedding is also elegant and timeless. To further the poised elegance of a traditional wedding, go with tried and true designs for your wedding dress and selected bridesmaids dresses. White has been the traditional wedding color since Queen Victoria wed to Prince Albert in Victorian England (a reign of which would also embed many other holiday traditions), so a white dress with formal train and long, elegant veil will invoke that undying sense of tradition. Choose a sleek style for your bridesmaids dresses to ensure that they, too, will look timeless (and will applaud your choice for the dress they will be wearing all evening!),

A neutral color palette ensures that any traditional wedding is distinguished. Gentle color accents are also encouraged, such as golds, silvers, or understated blues, pinks or reds and add a classic feel to your overall decor. Also, remember that old fashioned weddings weren’t always held in a reception hall. While an elegant hotel or inn may make a classic venue, also consider outdoor locations or even a scenic backyard. Choice of a venue may also depend on your own family traditions, so be sure to keep those in mind as well.

A traditional wedding reception is poised and usually follows a general pattern. It begins with a cocktail hour, feeding guests with horsd’oeuvres and drinks as they wait for the main event. As at the end of the wedding ceremony, the bride and groom usually greet their guests as they enter the main reception area, where they will await a sit-down dinner. Don’t forget the more fun traditions, such as the best man and maid of honor roasts to the bride and groom, as well as the speeches from the lovely newlyweds themselves. And of course, celebrate by dancing the night away!

Choose the Cosmetics Pouch

  • The optimal size
    It goes without saying that pouch bags have to be practical. Getting a bag that is the same size as a tote or satchel completely beats the purpose. If you have that many cosmetics, then use a separate wardrobe or a professional makeup case. However, you can’t take this with you when you travel. A make-up pouch allows you to carry the essentials and you can place it in your bag. Choose a smaller size that fits in a satchel: this way, you will be able to take your basics with you no matter where you go. The perfect size is about 15 cm long and 10 cm tall and should fit a mascara, a lipstick, lip balm, powder, a small hairbrush, a tube of foundation, a travel size deodorant and a small mirror. The bag shouldn’t be too big and if you go on a plane it should fit in your hand luggage without problems.
  • The best material
    Never forget to check the quality of the material when buying these pouches. When handling them, your hands will probably be full of foundation and chances are the bag will be stained with lipstick and eye shadow no matter how well you look after it. Since you cannot avoid this, the only thing you can do is make sure you find a material that cleans easily and is washing machine safe. Also, try to avoid bags that have a spongy layer at the base, because this will probably break once it is exposed to water. The safest material is probably plastic, but this doesn’t look very stylish, so you can opt for the second best choice, which is polyester. The material you should avoid is velvet – it might look very classy and exquisite in the store, but once you start using it, it will get a lot of lint.
  • Cool designs for cosmetic pouches
    The most pleasant part when looking for cosmetics bags is having a look at all the adorable designs. There are hundreds of options to choose from, but, as a rule of thumb, try to avoid white, because it stains the easiest. To save money, you could look for special offers that include a set of handbag plus pouch. Designers usually do this and if you are lucky, you can even get the latter for free.

Giggle Moon Clothing

Looking for something special? Giggle Moon clothing is perfect for parties, holidays, and photos. For example, you can find a gorgeous tutu dress and leggings for your daughter’s birthday party. Or a cute Giggle Moon swing set, which consists of a ruffled swing dress with matching ruffled pants, for family photos. How about a sweet little coverall for the baby just in time for the holidays? And a beautiful dress with pants for the first day of school. You can complete any outfit with a matching, handmade headband. Each boutique collection is available in sizes from newborn to 8 years old.

This beautiful girls clothing line is lovingly designed by a group of six fun-loving women who call themselves the Giggle Moon Baby. Their office located just three blocks from the beach in Oceanside, California, near San Diego. While working on their designs, they love to indulge on their favorite snack foods — popcorn, candy (especially peppermint), and Diet Coke. The designers all share a passion for creating boutique clothing that girls (and their parents) will enjoy. And they have such a great time doing it, they can’t help but laugh and sing throughout the day. All of these traits come together and inspired the official company motto — LOVE JOY LAUGHTER.

The Giggle Moon Girls are also influenced by God in their life and work. Michelle, one of the Giggle Moon Girls, says that the names for the collections usually come to her mind from Bible verses. For Dance for Joy and Streams of Water, she was thinking of the collection and was inspired by her prayers. They also use Bible verses to describe their brand and products, such as “Behold, children are a gift of the Lord” Psalm 127:3.

Giggle Moon is currently distributing through shops and boutiques in over 40 states plus online retailers to reach customers all over the world. These unique girly designs are quickly gaining popularity, and now the business is sharing the joy. They donated several boxes of their boutique girl’s clothing to the Pregnancy & Family Resource Center in San Bernardino, California. The SB Pregnancy Center provides a community service to local mothers who are in need of baby clothing for their newborns.

Stay Warm and Stylish This Winter


No matter what look you’re going for there are a wide range of good value hats that you can add to your winter outfit. For a fun look try a knit hat with a contrasting bobble or for a more luxe vibe, a faux fur hat will help transform your outfit into one that’s smart and classy. Their neutral colours are perfect for those of you wanting to make a statement without going over the top. Unless you’re out in the mountains, be sure to limit yourself to one piece of faux fur accessories to keep your outfit understated and fashionable.

Another popular trend for A/W 13 is the knit turban beanie. Easy to wear and available in a wide range of colours, the knitted turban is sure to add a dose of glamour to your look. By opting for a plain colour such as black or grey, your turban beanie can be worn anytime of day and when paired with a berry lip colour will be the perfect way to punctuate your look.

Scarves & Snoods

The classic knit scarf is a winter accessory must have and one that will never go out of fashion. You can tie your scarf in a variety of ways, doubled up in a knot style or loosely draped around your neck on milder days. The most popular trends for this winter is the tartan and houndstooth print. Incorporated into scarves, these stylish prints perfectly brighten up plain coats and are an easy way to embrace this season’s hottest look.

Snoods, also known as tubular scarves or neck warmers, are the perfect go to winter accessory. This style makes the classic scarf even easier by enabling you to get that perfect slouchy look every time and without hassle. You don’t need to worry about learning how to tie it, simply drape over your neck and walk out the door. Winter whites, burgundy and forest greens are popular winter shades, which blend effortlessly into all outfits.

Stylish Winter Boots

If there’s one item a girl should invest in, it’s a pair of winter boots. Both functional and fashionable, the classic ankle boot or over-the-knee style are perfect for every winter combination. When it comes to the heel, as a rule of thumb, always keep the heel height of your go-to winter boots one that you would be comfortable enough to walk in all day. This will ensure they get maximum use, making them worth the investment.

Popular ways to style ankle boots is with a classic pair of skinny jeans or a skater skirt with cosy tights for extra warmth. Over the knee boots can be styled in a similar fashion, or if you’ve gone for snow boots (check out styles with a faux fur lining) try pair them with a fitted jacket and knitted scarf to keep your outfit neat and not bulky looking.

Make Your Perfume Last Longer

Place of Application

You might have observed that while you spray the perfume on your body, a few of your friends or colleagues apply it to certain areas of their body. The specific points include behind the ears, at the back of the neck, behind the knees, temples of the face, at the base of throat and on the inner wrists. There is a reason for it – these are pulse points. Applying perfume to pulse points increases its wear. The pulse points produce heat that release perfume in subtle shots.

Time of Application

The time of application determines how well the perfume clings to your skin. The best time to apply it is after a shower. The skin pores are open. Fragrances also sit well on naturally oily skin. Cosmetic experts suggest applying a tiny bit of Shea butter, cocoa butter or olive oil to the pulse point prior to applying the perfume. The oils bind with the scents and release it gradually.

Method of Applying

Many people dab perfume on their wrists and the next moment they rub one against the other. They do this believing that it will intensify the smell. As a matter of fact, this destroys the perfume notes. You should gently dab drops of scent on your skin and leave it to absorb naturally.

Layer Fragrances

You might want to apply perfume in layers if you want intensify it. What do we mean by layering fragrances? It is easy. For instance, there are soaps, bath salts, body washes, body lotions, shampoos, conditioners and perfumes in floral and fruity scents. Layering fragrances implies using different products with a similar scent. You can use a scented soap or body wash while showering, a lotion after you bathe and dry yourself. Dust talcum powder and finally top it with cologne. It will make the perfume linger for a longer time. If you do not get you signature scent in body care products, you can make your own. Add fragrance concentrates to unscented products.

About Chanel Logo Earrings

The logo is presented in an artistic and subtle style, consisting of two interlocking c’s. This beautifully simple and elegant idea creates a stylish and popular earring. Some of our biggest film stars are proud to wear the Chanel logo earrings, and many of the earrings have now become a collectible item. Lift any outfit with these earrings, be it a classic cut suit or the simple but dressy plain black dress, whether you are Meryl Streep, or Irene Crawford, a simple, Repton housewife in Australia, and whether you are fine dining, going to the opera or simply having dinner with friends. These understated jewellery items will lift any outfit, simply because they are Chanel. They can be worn with anything, but it goes without saying that when worn with other Chanel clothing, they will stand out even more.

Many of the popular styles of these fashionable earrings consist only of the simple interlocking c’s, and, to make them more affordable, they have been created and styled using the less expensive rhinestone, making them accessible to all women. The same style is also offered using slightly more expensive, slightly rarer and extremely beautiful quartz crystals. However, whether you choose the attractive rhinestone, or the stunning crystal earrings, both catch the light and refract it in a most eye-catching way.

The Chanel logo earrings do come in a variety of styles, including the very popular hoop earrings, aimed to appeal to the widest possible audience. The Chanel logo is set in the middle of the hoop and became very fashionable in the 90’s, although it is still seen being worn by the young. Today, we see Chanel presenting the logo in the highly popular drop and dangle style. Beautifully understated, it takes a Chanel fan to recognise and appreciate them.

Chanel jewellery can be found in major department stores in most cities around the world or you have the option of being able to order and buy direct from the Chanel outlets. A major shopping arena in the new millennium has become the internet, and if you are not averse to second hand jewellery, it is here that you can often find the best price. The Chanel logo earring could well become something that you find addictive and start to collect! New and chique styles are being created and offered every year.

Belly Button Jewelry

The Allure Of Belly Button Jewelry

Although many people tend to think of body jewelry as a relatively recent phenomenon, the trend really started almost seventy five years ago.

Back in the 1930’s and 40’s, many popular movies featured exotic locales and featured seductive music and dancers. One particular style, the belly dancer, was especially popular with audiences. However, fashion and more conservative values in those days shied away from showing the midriff, so a compromise of sorts needed to be struck.

Movie producers found the compromise by placing a jewel over the belly dancers navel, which allowed the midriff area to be shown but the navel covered. And as such, the very first body jewelry came into prominence.

Buying The Safest Belly Button Jewelry

The main reason to be cognizant of the right type of navel jewelry to buy is to avoid possible infection. While the navel is generally regarded as one of the safest places to pierce, it is prone to infection from low grade alloys and metals just like any other area of the body.

First let’s discuss which metals to avoid. Stay away from imitation gold, coated materials, and silver plated. Make sure any gold body jewelry you purchase is nickel free, because nickel is known to irritate the skin, especially a piercing.

Safer types include surgical steel, titanium, and gold that is at least 14 carat or greater. In general, you can tell the difference between solid gold and gold plated by price. If the belly button jewelry you are considering is exceptionally inexpensive, there is a good reason why.

If your skin is sensitive and you are on a tight budget, you can still wear certain types of navel jewelry. The two safest inexpensive types are acrylic and glass, but check to be sure they are natural acrylic and glass, not coated with any other material.

Workwear Essentials

V-Neck Sweaters

A v-neck sweater refers to its V shaped neckline. It is a knit garment and is typically worn over a shirt or vest. Whilst you can purchase them in a range of colors, neutral shades are best suited to the working environment. Having a good quality v-neck sweater in your closet is highly useful, as it can be paired with both skirts and trousers. A simple lace black camisole worn beneath a taupe v-neck can make a classy yet understated work outfit. You can refresh this look by wearing camisoles in different color combos to vary up your look from day to day.

Midi Skirts

A midi skirt refers to the skirt’s mid length hemline, which falls past the knees covering most of the leg. It is often seen as the most flattering of skirt styles due to its high waistline and subtle split. A simple midi skirt in black, white or cream is a workwear staple and best paired with a fitted top or blouse. To make this outfit more interesting try a pair of stilettos and a jeweled necklace, which will help make your look stand out from the crowd.

The Fitted Blazer

A fitted blazer is a lightweight jacket, which has notched lapels. It’s stylish and smart when worn over a shirt or blouse and some tailored trousers. To make a blazer more feminine opt for styles that incorporate some patterned detail into the cuffs or buttons, such as a floral print or a contrasting color. Blazers can also be worn over skirts or cropped trousers, a look that is often seen on and favored by Kate Middleton.

Court Shoes

A court shoe is typically a pair of shoes that have a low cut upper shape and no fastenings. Depending on your preference you can purchase them in a range of heel heights, with higher heels being balanced by a concealed platform for comfort. Worn with skinny or tailored black trousers, the on-trend velvet court shoe with a pointed toe will offer your work outfit an instant style up date.

Workwear needn’t be boring or expensive. By simply having some key items in your closet you’ll be able to create stylish combinations that will look unique every time. Budget friendly accessories and vibrant blouses can help play up your femininity at work and help you feel fashionable and confident in your office attire once more.

Buy Affordable Diamond Earrings

The first C is the colour of diamond and the colour is the natural tint of diamond. And always remember that if you are searching for affordable earrings then colour is the most important factor which you must consider. Diamonds with yellow tint is affordable compare to red and pink as they are expensive.

The next is the cut of diamond which you must consider. The cut of diamond refers two different categories first is the quality of diamond and second is the shape. You can have host of choices in diamond cut such as emerald, princess, round and many other. But if you want to save money on your earring then you can go for those cuts which are not common because they are less expensive. You can also buy an earring of low quality. You can determine the quality of the cut by how much the light the cut reflects and make the diamond sparkle or you can also check how sharp the angle is.

Another thing which you must consider before purchasing your affordable earring is the clarity of diamond. Clarity refers to the number of imperfections or inclusions in your earring. Always remember that a clear diamond is very expensive therefore those who are searching for affordable earring can buy a diamond earring with a few marks inside. And you can not see these marks with naked eye therefore it is the best way to get earring at cheap prices.

At last is the carat of diamond. Carat of diamond refers to the weight of diamond and is measured in carat. And always remember that carat is the most important factor which you must consider if you are searching for affordable earrings because a diamond of higher carat is expensive compare to diamond of lower carat. Another reason of considering carat is that earring come in pairs and should have two equal sizes of diamonds.

After considering the 4C’S you must consider the style of your earring. There are host of choices in style but the most popular style is chandelier style earring. These earrings are best for formal situation and for those women who work. And they are very affordable earrings so you can easily buy it without spending your lot of money.

But if you are looking for classic style then diamond stud earrings are the best option for you. The most common style of diamond stud earrings are post and hinged. But before purchasing your diamond stud earring you must have the knowledge that in post style diamonds are placed on metal post whereas in hinged style diamonds hang below hinge. But before selecting the style of earring you must consider the taste and preference of your partner.

Amber Earrings and Jewelry

These hardened resinous pieces with fossils inside are collected primarily from the Baltic Sea region, Poland, Russia, Lithuania, and from The Dominican Republic in the Caribbean. The difference between Baltic amber and Dominican amber is the color. Although there is yellow, or golden brown amber in both places, blue and green amber comes more often from the Caribbean. Green, red, orange, brown rust-color amber or blue amber are all made into magnificent jewelry creations like the beaded Lithuanian traditional necklaces and the gorgeous translucent Polish yellow amber earrings that are famous around the world.

Amber earrings come in many styles, from drop or dangle earrings to amber encrusted hoops or clip on earrings and even earring styles that incorporate other gemstones. The most interesting sets may well be the green amber earrings that are set mostly into sterling silver settings and are quite affordably priced.

Silver amber earrings are the most popular because they are the cheapest. It’s just that simple. Many designers and small artisans can afford to work in silver and not in gold and since amber is a relatively inexpensive gemstone the combination of silver or pewter or other such semi-precious metals is conducive to keeping the costs down. Because amber is best in chunks and not cut too much (so as to not alter the inner fossils) amber stud earrings with large amber stones are very popular. The other type of jewelry that incorporates this unusual stone are amber drop earrings, partly because it mimics the way resin drops and gives a luminous, almost liquid feel to the earrings.