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Casio Wrist Watches

G-Shock Watches

Many consider the G-Shock series to be Casio’s flagship line of sports watches. Featuring innovative atomic timekeeping and Casio solar watch technology, the G-Shock series are the world’s toughest mens sports watches. They are specifically designed to shrug off even the worst abuse day in and day out.

Baby G-Shock Watches

The Baby G Shock watches are specifically designed for the ladies and feature attractive and stylish designs and colors. Though they are less bulky than the men’s version, they still live up to the G-Shock name and reputation for rugged durability.

Casio Solar Watches

You’ll know you always have the correct time with a Casio solar watch. Between having the tough solar power technology and the waveceptor technology, this is one watch that won’t fail you. And you’ll be helping the environment by using less disposable batteries.

G-Shock Mini

The G-Shock Mini’s combine all of the rugged durability of the G-Shock line with cool individuality and compact feminine forms.


Just like the name suggests, these Casio digital watches are specifically designed to help serious adventurers blaze a trail through even the toughest country. Casio packed the Pathfinder series watches with key features such as GPS, altimeters, barometers and thermometers.


You never have to worry about being on time thanks to Casio’s innovative Waveceptor series watches that feature atomic timekeeping technology. Waveceptor watches automatically sync via radio waves with atomic timekeeping stations around the world so that you always know exactly what time it really is.


Casio men’s watches from the Edifice series are the perfect fusion of analog and digital, giving you the best of both worlds.


Casio isn’t just known for their indestructible watches like the G-Shock, they also design attractive and classy timepieces that are perfect for a day at work or a night on the town.


Casio hasn’t forgotten the everyday consumer either and boasts a huge variety of classic watch styles that are perfect for casual living.


Casio was a pioneer in the calculator and data storage watch niche. These popular timepieces give you access to a world of information right at your fingertips.


If you’re a serious athlete then you need a serious timepiece. Casio has you covered with their line of sports watches featuring all of the latest athletic inspired technology.

Baby Clothes In The Closet

One way to keep up with the tiny little socks that match the adorable outfits is to pin the socks to the matching outfit. Use small safety pins and pin the socks on the inside of the outfit to a sem. This will keep you from establishing pin holes that might show, and will allow you to always have the matching socks readily available.

Some mothers place the little dresses in plastic bags, like dry cleaner bags, to help protect them from being crushed, or from developing dirt lines because they were in the closet for a long period of time. These plastic bags can be tied at the bottom so they create a protective air bubble around the clothing.

You can take the gallon size plastic storage bags and place a small outfit, with matching accessories, inside. Then you can lay these bags on the shelf of the closet, or by strategically placing a hole in the top of the bag you can use an adult size clothes hanger to hand the garments from the closet rod.

You can use the wooden clothes pins that you would use to hang clothes on an outside clothes line, to attach these small garments to adult size clothes hangers. You cannot stretch the little garments to make them fit on these large hangers, but you can use the clothes pins to hold them on the hangers.

Small hooks can be placed on the walls of the closet so that the small hangers can hang there, or you can install a smaller clothing rod just below the one that is in the closet. This will allow you to use the baby hangers. If you place the smaller rod about halfway between the existing rod and the floor as the child ages they will be able to reach their own clothing.

About Unique Bridal Jewelery

Oishii Jewellery integrates quality sterling silver with unique materials like wood, crystal, resin, enamel, pearl and semi-precious stones. The results are sure to bring that extra something to your big day. If your theme is traditional you can choose from their exquisite collection of pearl bracelets which come in several shades including rose, white and cream.

If contemporary is more your style then maybe you’d fancy their crystal swirl earrings which are a modern twist on an antique trend. Or maybe for a splash of colour you could choose a candy pendant in blue, lavender or pink. And if a wedding on the beach is your fantasy, you could top off your summery look with a pair of daisy drop earrings with matching pendant.

Now that your look is complete, don’t forget about the other important people that will help make your day special, your bridesmaids. You could choose something individual for each or get them all a matching piece to wear on the day and then cherish forever. Some unique ideas are a pair of silver rose earrings, a pearl cascade bangle or perhaps a butterfly necklace.

Designer Necklaces

You will find the market flooded with necklaces of different materials, stones and metals that meet the taste of today’s women. The fashion conscious generation is getting more attracted towards exclusive jewelry, because of which there is a sudden increase in the demand for designer jewelry pieces in stores. Although, the concept of necklace making is still the same but its way of presentation has changed. Buyers mostly embrace trendy looking necklaces having a touch of modernity and tradition.

Necklace was considered to be a seductive piece of jewelry in early civilizations. It was worn to catch the attention of men. Different styles were followed to make the necklace more feminine and attractive. Italians used to wear necklaces with hollow pendants that were filled with perfume, while the Egyptian necklaces were heavier on low necklines that gave them an excellent look.

If you are looking for an ideal gift to give to your loved one, opt for a designer necklace. These days even fashion designers are making costumes as per the jewelry that is in vogue. If you are a workingwomen, an elegant pendant necklace matching your dress will complete your look. Those who love to experiment with accessories can opt for ceramic and plastic necklaces that possess a trendy look.

The type of necklace you wear reflects you mood. In comparison to other jewelries, a necklace comes into sight first and thus you get an impression about the person wearing it. In the past years, a lot of changes have occurred in the designing pattern of necklaces. You will find a variety of good quality necklaces at affordable prices in the market.

About Stuhrling Watches

Sturhling Original is lead by a fourth generation Swiss watchmaker and many of the Stuhrling designs utilize traditional watch styles. But what makes the Stuhrling Original watches different is that they put a modern spin on these designs to make them both contemporary as well as a watch that will stand out in the crowd.

  • Stuhrling Original Men’s Watches
    Stuhrling Original is best known for their men’s watches. They have an extraordinary lineup of men’s watches that span from prestigious and distinguished like the ones in their Boardroom collection to sporty and durable with the models in the Sportsman collection, to refined and traditional with the Classic collection as well as casual and everyday watches in their Lifestyles collection. Like any good watch company they have a number of dive watches that are water resistant and offer diving functions such as a chronograph and a rotating bezel, and many of their men’s wristwatches feature water resistance to at least 100 meters making it usable in the shower, pool or even a day at the beach. With so many different styles and variations on each style, there truly is a Sturhling men’s watch for everyone.
  • Stuhrling Original Women’s Watches
    While there are significantly fewer Stuhrling women’s watches, that’s not to say that they are second best. The ladies’ watches from Stuhrling continue to have the Stuhrling flair to the classic ladies watches. The Romance collection puts a fun and light-hearted spin on the casual watch with a focus on the heart design that comes in many renditions. The Classique collection is more of the classic ladies watch with numerous dress watches that would work for just about any event. The lifestyle collection provides a more relaxed and sporty look with many different renditions on the female sports watch. While the Gala collection combines elegance with one of a kind uniqueness that every women loves.

About Retro Inspired Earrings

First things first: assess your current wardrobe. What’s your overall style? This will determine what kind of statement earring will work best for you. Are you one for bold patterns and angles? Then perhaps a pair of bright, geometric 80’s inspired earrings are your thing. Or is your wardrobe sleek and all about timeless elegance? Then perhaps 50’s pearls are more your thing. It all depends on your own style, or whether you want to break your style. Perhaps you want to give your little black dress new life. Then maybe a pair of 70’s inspired long chain earrings can give you the look you’re seeking. Cocktail jewelry is also another great route and looks great with most styles, invoking the glitz and glamour of the roaring 20’s. These style earrings, or any jewelry, look right at home whether you’re going out to a fancy dinner or out to party.

What if you’re not quite sure whether you want to commit to a certain retro style? If you’re more of a modern fashionista, then don’t look any further than most contemporary made earrings. Retro is always in style, and while buying a bonafide vintage piece always makes for a good conversation starter, you can always look into more modern styles that borrow implements from past fashions. This way you can still look modern and trendy while adding a bit of retro flair. Bring the best of both worlds into your fashion accessory arsenal without having to commit to a certain era if you’re unsure. Or you can even look to modern reinterpretations to help you choose which style vintage item might be worth purchasing.

Sooner or later, any modern pieces you currently own will see new life in the future. Chances are, mothers, aunts, and other relatives have some great pieces they’ve saved from their youth that are now back in style. Not only can you give new life to old styles, but to old family memories as well.

Fragrant Families for High-End Perfume


The oriental category is classed as the oldest foundation for fragrances. The aroma of the oriental based perfumes combines exotic flowers and resins with intense spices. Oriental fragrances may include cardamom, ginger and cloves combined with a floral smell. This is a great perfume style for the young introverted women. High-end brands include Opium by Yves Saint Laurent and Shalimar and Samara by Guerlain.


Cyphre is French for Cyprus. This is a type of fragrance that is green or fresh-smelling and includes a touch of labdanum, bergamot, patchouli, oak moss and citrus. The family of Cyphre fragrances caters to both men and women. Extroverted and emotionally stable women are often attracted to this type of scent. Popular examples include Erolfa by Creed, Qyercus by Penhaligon, and Mitsouko by Guerlain.


A aldehydic fragrance is mostly created with synthetic compounds, while organic elements can also feature. An aldehyde based perfume is appreciated for providing a distinct fragrance that is described as modern, sparkling and effervescent. Popular choices include L’Interdit by Givenchy and Rive Gauche by Yves Saint Laurent.


Fougere is French for fern and a type of fragrance that is more often associated with men’s fragrance. Many of these scents are described as masculine, earthy and woodsy. Common ingredients in this perfume family include coumarin, lavender, herbs and oak moss. Popular choices in this category include Portfolio for Men by Perry Ellis, Xeryus by Givenchy and New Tradition by Etro.


A citrus scent is derived from the extracts taken from the rind of bergamot, tangerine, orange, and grapefruit. Many of these fragrances are combined with fougere or herb compounds to help with creating an equal balance between the more powerful notes.

Engagement Ring Shopping

If you’re not sure what type of engagement ring you see yourself wearing, these style descriptions might help point you in the right direction:

  • Classic Ring Style: The classic woman has a closet full of elegant staples in neutral colors from stores like The Gap, Banana Republic, Ann Taylor and Calvin Klein. You might carry a Coach handbag and favor a strand of pearls or a simple pendant in gold or platinum. Consder an engagement ring with the center diamond accented with channel set diamonds or bar set diamonds, or go with the perennial classic platinum or gold solitaire. Scott Kay, A. Jaffe, Tacori and Jeff Cooper offer classic styles in their designer engagement ring collections.
  • Vintage Ring Style: Breakfast at Tiffany’s¬†movie star Audrey Hepburn wore an understated eternity band with diamonds as the symbol of her engagement and marriage to her husband. No Doubt’s female lead and L.A.M.B. clothing and shoe designer Gwen Stefani said “I Do” to a unique vintage engagement ring from fellow rock star Gavin Rossdale. Vintage can conjure up images of thrift store shops and funky hairstyles but it also represents some of the loveliest, most romantic jewelry designs, including halo diamond engagement rings, micropave, milgraine and gorgeous and intricate side diamond details. Designers Simon G., Ritani, Tacori, Verragio, Michael M., Bridget and Memoire have hundreds of styles with these details.
  • Modern Ring Style: You usually choose to do the exact opposite of what is currently popular or in style. Friends look to you for fashion advice and no one really expects you to wear a traditional princess ballgown-style wedding dress when you walk down the aisle. (But you might surprise everyone and do it for the shock value.) You love architecture and visit art galleries on weekends just for fun. If you don’t decide to work with an artisan to design your engagement ring, you’ll possibly pick a style with sleek channel set diamonds or baguettes that suggest a modern flair. Then again, you could go with a round or radiant diamond tension-set in a stunningly wide band of metal. Coast, Jeff Cooper, Scott Kay, Tacori, and Memoire are a few designers with modern ring styles.

Black Onyx Earrings

Onyx is a deep black stone that makes any type of jewelry it is set in appear more elegant. It is often used in combination with gold to create a striking and dramatic effect. It is also paired with sterling silver to make unique designs of handcrafted jewelry that is found among the Native American styles.

Most people are familiar with the silver and turquoise style of their jewelry, but are not as familiar with the pieces using onyx. You can find earrings designed as clip on styles and pierced styles in this line of jewelry. It can be set as a large stone with a simple silver setting framing the piece or as dangle style beaded earrings. Some of the Native American earrings will include the onyx along with turquoise in a sterling silver hoop. These pieces have an elegant and earthy look about them that works well when wearing a formal dress or a pair of casual jeans.

Onyx can also be set into certain designs to make a color enhanced image. You will find this in earrings that have butterflies or flowers as the drop accent piece. The black onyx is set into the various sections along with other gemstones or turquoise, to create a truly original piece of art. Whether you want classic, contemporary or casual earrings, you will find something to fit your style in these onyx designs.

About Fashion Tips for Mature Women

Many mature women continue to maintain a superior sense of style as they want to look and feel their best every time they go out. Women’s fashion does allow for women, of any age, to be able to dress in style regardless of the occasion. Some women struggle, once they reach a certain age, with choosing styles that are considered appropriate for their age. These tips will guide you in choosing the best styles for you.

First don’t change who you are, meaning always dress for your personality. Just because you are a mature women does not mean you have to change your personal style. You need to feel good about what you are wearing. How a person looks and feels effects their self-confidence. Just because you are mature women doesn’t mean you should have a bland wardrobe. Choose colors that reflect you and styles that you are comfortable in. This will take you to the styles that will fit your body type along with your age. If you are a mature women then you do not want to have a wardrobe that can be mistaken for your teenager’s closet.

Women’s fashion has many options that you can be stylish at any age. You will need to shop in the right stores because fit is key in looking stylish. If you are shopping for a dress, don’t shop in the junior’s department because these dresses will have a teenage look to them. Do shop in a store that carries outfits true to your age, these styles will minimize your problem areas and show off your other areas. This will give you the perfect balance you need in being fashionable and looking vibrant.

You will want to choose accessories that accent your outfit, this will give you a polished look. Accessories are much more than jewelry or watches, experiment with a stylish scarf. Have fun with the accessories, this will finish that look you are wanting in your style.

Mature women can continue to be stylish regardless of their age. There are so many choices in women’s fashion that your personality can always shine through. Follow the tips in this article and dress with confidence.