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Herringbone Blazers

The new slim lines of the wool blazers make it easy for men to still have the smart look of the college professor, while appearing fashionably comfortable and causal. When worn over a crisp oxford shirt and paired with crisp khaki slacks, the look is a mixture of chic and casual professionalism that is sure to fit seamlessly in any academic environment.

While the wool blazer will always have a beloved place in academic life, the modern herringbone jacket is finding a home in other places as well. The more tailored cut of these newly styled blazers makes them perfect for a warm casual look. Paired with jeans and a t-shirt, it is a look that is still comfortable while retaining that edge of fashion men wear so well.

Even though the wool jacket may be a slimmer and sleeker than the herringbone jackets made popular by the English gentry, they are still a great accessory for achieving a tailored, yet layered look. The warm blazers not only keep out the cool autumn air, the texture of the herringbone design helps to add an element of depth and separation that is necessary to keep any layered look from appearing sloppy and poorly put together. Cable knit sweaters are always a great option for layering and the contrasting patterns will give the outfit the depth and definition necessary for creating a unique and stylish look.

Part of the ongoing appeal for the herringbone blazer is the long and rich history and even heritage that is often associated with the jackets and many men are now bringing this history to the office. The understated pattern and texture of the jackets bring an elegant class to any outfit, and wear the jacket is paired with a stylish tie and white oxford shirt, it is a look that speaks of quiet luxury and style.

Perfumes for Work and Play

Gucci by Gucci

An unmistakably pretty, alluring, and modern perfume like Gucci by Gucci offers a musky and woody floral trail to make it perfect for evening wear. This perfume reveals a delightful blend of fruity top notes, which are complemented by Tahitian tiare flower and lily middle notes and honey, patchouli and musk base notes. This perfume leaves a person feeling sophisticated, feminine and elegant.

Infusion d’Iris by Prada

The Prada Infusion D’Iris by Prada perfume includes natural ingredient to create a light, fresh and clean scent. This contemporary perfume opens with top notes of orange blossom, galbanum, mandarin and lentisk, which are complemented with vetiver, cedar and iris middle notes and frankincense and benzoin base notes. This fragrance replies on a slow infusion process to carefully extract the natural smell from the iris plant. An elegant fragrance like Infusion D’Iris is recommended for evening wear.

Bill Blass by Bill Blass for women

A soft feminine scent like the classic Bill Blass provides a clean and white floral fragrance. The top notes include green mandarin, galbanum and neroil, which are blended with middles notes of tuberose, jasmine, lily of the valley and white hyacinth. This is finished with base notes of sandalwood and musk. The soft femininity of the Bill Blass perfume makes it perfect for daytime wear.

Daisy by Marc Jacobs

The Daisy by Marc Jacobs scent is spontaneous, happy and youthful. The perfume is created with ingredients like grapefruit, wild strawberry and violet leaf for its floral top notes. Gardenia, jasmine and violet are the middle notes, and infusion of vanilla, musk and white woods are features of the warm woods base. Daisy is a great perfume to wear any time of the day or night, for play or work.

Lengths Of Dresses

Lengths of dresses for a woman under 30 can be a lot shorter than the lengths of dresses for a woman over 30 can. The extremely short mini-skirts and micro skirts look fabulous on the young women in their teens and their twenties. At this age, a girl of any size, or height, can wear the shorter skirts. After a lady reaches the age of 30 her dress hems need to come down to her mid-thigh, at least.

If a female is tall, and has excellent legs, she can continue to wear garments that have hems above the knees, until she reaches her forties. Most women of 40 prefer their dresses to reach their knees, and some even prefer that the dress comes below the knee.

Women who have a few extra pounds on them need to wear slightly longer skirts to draw the attention away from their mid-sections. The knee length dresses will make the woman appear to be taller and this perception will also make her appear to be slimmer.

Short girls do not look good in dresses that come to the mid-calf or below. A really short female will be made to look even shorter when they dress in skirts that come to their mid-calves. A shorter woman looks better in a shorter skirt. You do not have to go micro-short, but wear a garment that comes to your knees or to the mid-thigh area instead of below the knees.

Tall women are made into models because they can carry off a short skirt, and show off a beautiful expanse of well-shaped legs, or they can wear an ankle length skirt, and this simply makes them look thinner and taller.

A woman that works in an office will wear more skirts than a woman that works at a job that is physically demanding. The office employee will also wear shorter skirts than the woman that works at physically demanding jobs. Most of the time women who work at physically demanding jobs prefer to wear pants because they do not wish to show their undergarments when they bend down to lift something. Lengths of dresses for a woman change as the woman grows older.

Ray Bans

Ray Bans may just be the most well-known brand of optical fashion ever. They prove to offer versatility and recognition with their sunglasses by providing such timeless styles as the Aviator and Wayfarer. These two versions are just as much in demand and sought after as they were twenty years ago. Furthermore, this sunglasses giant has expanded their market by offering prescription frames for those that want to take advantage of that versatility that is synonymous with Ray Bans. This is well exemplified by the contrast in style of the Aviator/Wayfarers’ relaxed look versus the prescription frames’ professional look.

As we all know, to dress as a fashion icon one must spend like a fashion icon. Ray Bans have been no different in the past. However, times have changed. People are not interested in, and in many cases not capable of, paying top dollar for top quality. They want the highest quality but not at the highest quality price tag. To accomplish this, people have begun turning to reputable opticians and dealers. This has proven to save both time and money for those that shop around.

The primary concern, when shopping for that one of a kind pair of discount Ray Ban sunglasses, is finding a trustworthy seller. It is important to deal with someone you are comfortable spending your hard-earned money with. The right seller will make sure that you get the most eye wear for your money. When dealing with a seller that has these qualities you are given the opportunity to find the right frames for you while being able to splurge for the transition lenses or stylish sunglasses as well.

Ray Bans are without a doubt the most popular brand of eye wear in the world. Many loyal customers in the U.S. claim them to be America’s best eyeglasses. Celebrities, athletes, and everyone in between have been seen sporting their favorite styles. With the introduction of their new product line of frames along with realizing their customer’s needs, Ray Ban is now able to provide something to offer everyone. Not only has their product line changed to accommodate the public but their prices have as well. It is now easier than ever to equip yourself with the highest quality and most popular eye wear in the world.

Wear Cashmere Jumpers In Spring

The transitional period between winter and summer is never an easy one, and the best fashion advice anyone can receive is the importance of layering. We all know now just how unpredictable the weather can be. Freak snow storms that have left countries frozen, a month’s worth of rain in a day which results in harsh flooding, or a heat wave in the middle of the spring, followed by another extreme cold front. You can never prepare fully for normal seasonal weather as we just don’t get it anymore. This is why layering is more important than ever to ensure you’re ready for anything and remain as stylish as you want to be.

And your cashmere is just the thing for that.

A cashmere jumper can be just the thing you need for strolling down a breezy beach dreaming of warm summer days. A cashmere hoody can be the perfect piece when it’s too warm for your coat yet still too chilly for just your t-shirt, and your cashmere cardigan can remain to be the old faithful piece you use in the evenings out in the garden or on special occasions when you need something to finish off that layered look in a formal way. Perfect.

So don’t consider packing your cashmere away just yet. It serves you well throughout the colder seasons but it can serve you just as well through the warmer months too. The secret is layering, and if you master the look you can ensure you do your cashmere justice and can wear it and show it off in all its full glory, something that should always be the done anyway.

History of the Bob Haircut

Like with any hairstyle, it’s almost impossible to pinpoint the exact time at which it came to be. For example, some fashionable ladies were said to sport the style before World War I when it was considered strange to wear anything other than long hair. There are several instances of notable women wearing the style after this, but it is often said that the famous dancer Irene Castle brought it into popularity during the 1910s and 1920s.

This caused a rather seismic shift in the hair industry, with the previous long, elegant styles quickly making way for shorter styles and catching many by surprise, hairdressers included. And it didn’t take long for the style to evolve, with the long bob coming into existence in the 1930s.

The bob is a hairstyle that women have sported in every decade but, like everything, it has had periods where it hasn’t necessarily been in fashion. However, Vidal Sassoon, the famous British hairdresser, is credited with bringing it back into mainstream fashion during the 1960s and since then there have been a series of famous actors, musicians and people of note that have continued to help the style evolve and remain relevant.

There are perhaps two instances over the last 30 years or so that can be really credited with making the bob a must-have style. Anna Wintour, the editor of Vogue magazine, is the most famous person to sport the bob, having done so since the 1980s; there is not one person that is more synonymous with the style than her. The style was also given a boost when it was worn by Uma Therman’s character in Pulp Fiction.

Since then there have been a huge number of stars that have worn the bob, often changing their style dramatically to garner more attention. Everyone from Rihanna to Victoria Beckham and Keira Knightley to Jennifer Aniston has decided to choose a bob haircut to keep up with latest fashion trends.

Effectively Make Use Of Henna For Hair

Strand Test

When you are using Henna for Hair, you need to carry out a strand test in the first instance. The strand test will allow you to understand;

  • Whether you will like the color of your hair in the end
  • How long you will have to leave the Henna on so that it can achieve that sort of color

Since Henna is mostly left on hair for a span of one hour or so, you might be forced to set aside some time to color your hair. The time between preparation of Henna, the strand test and the final application would be quite lengthy. At times you might be forced to spare an entire afternoon.

Who Can Make Use Of Henna For Hair?

Hair which is naturally dark will look rather smashing with some element of Henna highlights. If you have gray hair, you might get some good results after the use of Henna. However, you have to understand the ingredients contained in the Henna so that there is nothing that might harm your hair or skin at the end of the process.

Henna Color Choices

When it comes to Henna for Hair, red is the most used color. This is because reds have the least amount of additives, and in most instances they are pure. Moreover, they are completely safe to apply on your hair. Blondes and browns are fun too but many people don’t prefer them as such.

One thing that you need to understand is that Henna does not do anything to lighten your hair. Moreover, it will not lift its color like the case is for most commercial dyes. That is why it is advisable to go for a Henna shade that matches your own hair color or is a bit darker. That is why brunettes look perfect with red. However, a brunette would have gotten it all wrong if they went blonde.

Some Words of Caution

When you are using Henna for Hair, you have to make sure that you are not applying it on commercially colored hair. It is advisable to wait for about two months after a commercial dye has been applied on your hair before you can have the Henna test. It is also important to keep your hair clean prior to the application of Henna. You also need to make sure that you are using natural Henna only. Brands that contain metallic salts should be avoided at all costs.

Ideas For Organic Baby Clothes

One of the most common types of organic baby clothing are those which are made out of organic cotton. Cotton is a fantastic material for any baby to wear, because it is easy to wash, it doesn’t usually shrink as readily as some other fabrics if it is tumble dried, it is hypoallergenic and it is great at drawing excess moisture away from your baby’s skin, which can help to prevent a sweat rash. However, some cotton producers cut corners and use lots of pesticides and fertilizers, so that they can grow as much cotton as possible. If clothing producers aren’t careful, these chemicals can still be present in the clothing which you buy for your baby, and these chemicals can have a negative effect on your baby’s skin. If your baby has very delicate skin, these chemical could even cause a bad rash.

There are different rules and regulations surrounding the use of chemicals on cotton which is certified as organically grown, and the farmers which grow this type of cotton are not allowed to use pesticides on or around their crops. Because these farmers produce a slightly smaller yield, organic clothing can cost a little bit more, but it can be worth it, if you find that these types of clothes are more suitable for your baby’s skin.

The farming methods which are used by organic farmers today are much closer to the farming methods which were used by farmers hundreds of years ago, and therefore they are less damaging to the environment. There are strict checks on farmers who want to label their products as organic, to ensure that they are following the guidelines which are laid out to promote this method of farming.

Because this type of clothing is not dyed using synthetic dyes, organic baby clothes may not be available in as brightly colored materials, but many mothers find that non-organic synthetically-dyed materials often fade in the wash anyway.

Temperature Can Affect Perfume


Perfume comes in a variety of colors, such as brown, gold and clear. The color of perfume is directly related to the synthetic or natural ingredients used in the process of making the perfume. This is likely to result in noticeable changes if left exposed to heat. The color can become more opaque or darken in appearance.


The most defining characteristic of a bottle of perfume is its smell. A perfume that experiences too much heat exposure is likely to develop a quite musty aroma. The impact on the perfume can vary with the different notes. It is the top notes that are affected the most. The top note is the most defining quality and lasts for the first 5 to 15 minutes after applying the perfume. Prolonged exposure to heat can mean the top note is less familiar, goes sour, or grows sharper. If left exposed for too long the scent of the perfume is certain to fade and become undetectable.


The value of a bottle of perfume can be significantly reduced if left exposed to hot temperatures. Since heat can cause damage to the fragrance and appearance, a perfume isn’t likely to have such an attractive sell-on price. This point is especially important if running a perfume business. Store the perfume in the proper way to avoid issues that could have a negative impact on the major characteristics of the perfume.

Storing perfume

A bottle of perfume is best kept in a cool area of the home away from direct sunlight. Ideally, keep the perfume in its original retail box and place in a dresser or closet drawer. Avoid leaving the perfume on display on a window sill or dresser since this increase the chance of being exposed to sunlight for long periods during the day. Also, avoid leaving the perfume in the bath or shower room since this will mean it is exposed to repeated cycles of steam and heat. Make sure the designated spot for storing the perfume is kept at 70° or below.

About Fragrances for Rainy Day

Oriental fragrances are highly successful as an antidote for the gloom and wetness of the winter months. The oriental range includes a broad spectrum of rich and warm sensations including musk, sandalwood, patchouli, amber and vanilla. Popular fragrances in the oriental range include Prada Candy with its luscious notes of caramel and vanilla. Guerlain Shalimar offers velvety sweetness with the top notes of coriander leaves and lime zest.

Floral perfume is just as effective on the cold and rainy mornings. Fragrances in the floral range consist of warm notes like dark woods and incense. This helps to create the subtle smell that lasts the entire day. Favorite fragrances include Sweet Redemption by By Kilian with its notes of orange blossom to create a soft and innocent fragrance of balsams and incense. Grand Amour by Annick Goutal offers a comforting wrap with a blend of honeysuckle, jasmine and mimosa.

A rain-friendly perfume is certain to have the right quality notes. Top notes are likely to consist of white floral, mandarin and bergamot. A middle note includes ylang-ylang, cinnamon, cardamom and iris. And the base note includes ingredients like amber, patchouli, sandalwood and musk.

  • Top – The top note is the most distinctive component of the fragrance. It is what you smell first when spraying the fragrance and evaporates readily. The right balance for the top note helps complement the middle and lower notes. Common top notes include fresh elements like bergamot, mandarin, lemon and lavender. A light top note is designed to dissipate the quickest, which helps to revealing the underlying tone of the perfume.
  • Middle – The middle note is the true identity and heart of the fragrance. The middle note is designed to last longer than the top note. It includes elements of the fragrance family that are woody, oriental, floral, etc.
  • Base – The base note is known to give the lasting memory of the fragrance. This note helps to anchor the perfume to the skin to make sure it lasts longer. The base note adds longevity, body, depth and warmth. It is possible to include these notes by including animal, wood or balsam notes.

Having a wardrobe of rainy day fragrances doesn’t mean it is necessary to buy an entirely new range of perfumes. A bottle of perfume can react dramatically different to humidity and temperature, so it can benefit to experiment with the different perfumes to see which one offers the most desirable results.