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Cashmere Socks

When it is frigid outside, the body loses heat through the extremities. So if the hands, head and feet aren’t warm the rest of the body isn’t either. Earlier this month, a Fox 23 News report titled “The cold, hard truth about surviving bitter winter weather” offered this advice: “Protect your extremities. Hands and feet are at greater risk of frostbite because body heat is naturally reserved in the torso to protect vital organs. So wear an extra pair of socks.”

While any pair of socks will offer some protection, not all options are created equal. If they want to experience maximum comfort and warm, consumers would be well served in examining the fabric content before making a sock purchase. As Fox 23 pointed out, “Wool, silk or polypropylene inner layers hold body heat better than cotton.” The higher the wool count, the cozier their feet will be, but again, not all wools are created equal.

Wool has a tendency for being thick and scratchy, making many wearers itch, but one kind of wool, cashmere, is actually the opposite of those things. It is not bulky, it is soft and fuzzy, and yet it is still super warm. And Mongolian cashmere affords sock wearers the best of all these worlds. Mongolian cashmere socks offer excellent shape retention and are luxuriously comfortable.

Carnival Accessories

  • Beads
    Mardi Gras is known for elegant and inspiring costumes and funky beads. The current fashion of colors for the event is deep purple, radiant gold, and festive green. The three colors represent justice, power, and faith respectively. From themed medallion necklaces to layered fancy bracelets, beads are the trendiest accessory of this season.
  • Masks
    When it comes to masquerade masks, the choices are endless! From full faced Bauta masks to eye covering Columbina pieces, Venetian masks never go out of fashion – This season, they have come back with a bang! Party goers can choose from a wide variety of exquisite designs featuring luscious colors, sparkling glitter, flowy feathers, and daring curves.
  • Cloaks
    This year, the Mardi Gras scene will be all about making a grand entrance, and for that, there is nothing better than a mysterious hooded cloak to compliment your Venetian masquerade mask! This costume is designed for all those daring souls who like being the center of attraction.
  • Leather Masks
    That is probably the newest and the most happening trend of this year’s party season. Not everyone likes a splash of color or glitter over their face – some like it plain and classy. For all such people, leather Venetian masks are the ultimate solution. Its smooth texture perfectly serves the purpose. That’s not all; it also looks stylish and feels comfortable. On top of that, you can also use it as a décor in your home once you’re done donning it!
  • Themed Masquerades for Special Events
    Themed masquerade events are another increasingly popular trend which offers both businesses and customers with new opportunities and prospects. Regardless of whether it’s a corporate event, a birthday party, a dinner party, or a wedding, the Masquerade masks used in such events can be customized according to taste.

Styling ‘Tall’ Body Types

Over sized is Disastrous!

First, avoid everything that will hang off your body, i.e. over sized clothing. If you wear baggy or poorly fitted clothes, you will give the appearance of being too thin and sloppy. Well, at times you need to buy bigger sizes to cover your long body, but that extra fabric is not something you need.

Go for the Right Fit!

Second, you need to stay away from everything that is extremely fitted. This is especially important if you are a big and tall guy. Extremely tight clothing will make your longer torso appear disproportionate, and this is definitely not desirable.

Select Taller Versions of Clothing

Third, when selecting dress shirts and even polos, go for ‘taller’ versions that will tuck inside your trousers. It’s really easy to find longer shirts these days. All you need to do is visit a big and tall apparel store that offers taller versions of clothing and doing this will save you from looking strange.

One thing taller guys can do and bigger peeps can’t is wear horizontal stripes. Wearing shirts with horizontal stripes gives the illusion that your body has more mass than what you actually do. Vertical stripes, on the other hand, make you taller, which at times can look awkward.

No Monochromatic Dressing

Fourth thing you need to keep in mind is to avoid dressing up in one color. Well, this advice also applies to big guys especially if they don’t want to look like a huge block of color. Tall peeps, when dressed in one color, can look intimidating so go for trousers and jackets in different colors. Remember, you don’t need to create the illusion of extra inches so one color, head to toe is a big no-no.

Straight Leg Bottoms are Ideal

Last go for straight leg bottoms, including trousers and jeans. Turtle neck tees, shirts and sweatshirts, can make you appear attractive. As for clothing accessories, go for thicker belts and ties.

Tutu Du Monde

Tutu Du Monde is inspired by a daydream – a simpler time in a far away land, where girls can play and dance, dress-up and make-believe. Every tutu, dress and accessory is designed to be elegant and timeless, delicate and couture. On top of that, every Tutu Du Monde piece is made to last and is extremely comfortable to wear. Each piece is dreamed up and designed in Australia by Andrea Rembeck, then handmade in India. It is then sold internationally through boutiques in Australia, United Kingdom, United States, Middle East and Asia. With a huge following of loyal customers, Tutu Du Monde is one of the top boutique brands for vintage flower girl dresses and special occasion dresses for girls.

In 2005, Andrea Rembeck put her fashion career on hold to stay at home and raise her daughter. During that time she made a discovery that would change the course of her life. Andrea’s daughter, Alyna, is a girly girl who was growing up fast and hated even the idea of pants. She insisted, “I only want to wear dresses, Mom! Can you please find me a tutu?” Andrea looked all over for something special for her little princess, but came up empty-handed. She was not at all impressed with the same old mass-produced, hot pink, scratchy tutus available in stores. Not willing to settle for anything less, Andrea endeavored to create a beautiful, practical tutu dress for her daughter. Although she had never made boutique girls clothing before, Andrea used her fashion design experience to create exactly what her daughter wanted. And the end result was spectacular. Soon, Andrea’s friends and family were begging for similar tutu dresses. It was clear that she had stumbled across a great market opportunity. In June 2009, Andrea decided to go for it and started her own boutique girls clothing label, Tutu Du Monde.

Tutu Du Monde creates heirlooms and keepsakes – tutus to last a lifetime. The secret to their success is “Quality, not Quantity.” All of the clothing from Tutu Du Monde is designed to last for years and carefully handcrafted using only natural fabrics – silk, tulle and cotton. These girl tutu dresses are very comfortable and safe to wear all day. Ranging in sizes 1 to 11, most of these girl tutu dresses feature adjustable straps to get the most wear as your girl grows. Over time, Tutu Du Monde tutu dresses become even more beautiful – soft, worn and charming. That’s why when you pick these beautiful tutu dresses as your flower girl dresses, you know you have chosen something very special.

Tutu Du Monde employs a talented group of women in India who make these dream dresses come true. All fabrics are hand-dyed and every tiny detail like crystal beads, shiny sequins, silky ribbons and soft wispy feathers are masterfully applied by hand. These women pour their love and time into every embellishment, using talents passed down through the generations. It can take an entire day to complete one task. The result is a one-off item, as far from mass-production as you could get and as unique as your child.

Although Tutu Du Monde takes inspiration from vintage looks from the 20s and 30s, the finished product is anything but old-school. These beautiful girl tutu dresses are modern and vogue, with exciting color combinations and bold looks. Take a look at the Tutu Du Monde collection and see why the world is falling in love with these gorgeous boutique girl dresses, one tutu at a time.

Tricks Dress to Look Slimmer and Taller

  • Rule 1: Wear tighter fitting clothing. I don’t mean clothing that is too small; I mean clothing that is not baggy. Baggy clothes add to the illusion of stubbiness, whereas clothing that is more fitted will emphasise lines and give you a slimmer appearance. Despite how much you may despise them, skinny jeans can also draw your body shape in and have you looking taller. These work best for those with slender legs, whereas boot leg jeans are great for those with more muscular legs. Give the skinny jeans a go, though and feel the difference.
  • Rule 2: Create a vertical line. This can be done by wearing v-necks tops, vertical stripes and dressing your top and bottom in similar colours. If you prefer a different coloured top, match your shoes to your pants, creating an elongated vertical line and the illusion of height.
  • Rule 3: Dress in darker colours, such as navy blue, black, bistre, chocolate browns and bottle green. Not only do they create a slimming effect, as we all know, but also offer a heightening effect. This works well for point 3, too. If you’re layering, which also helps create a taller appearance, top it off with a dark-coloured, v-necked top, dark pants or skirt and black or navy blue shoes.
  • Rule 4: Choose the length of your pants/skirts wisely. Crop pants and cargo shorts make shorter people look shorter and chunkier, as they draw the eye to the wider parts of the leg and ‘cut off’ your height. Shorts and skirts ending just above or just below the knee add length, as do longer skirts.
  • Rule 5: Wear heels. You don’t need to go too high; mid-height heels add height, whereas flats, like the currently fashionable ballet flats, not only have you looking shorter, but also chunkier.

That’s it. You can look taller applying these five easy rules to your day when you get dressed each morning.

Dressing Tips for Important Occasions

Dressing for an Event

When you are dressing up for a business casual party make sure that you look classy and polished. Men may wear a collared shirt with twill cotton or khaki trousers while women can wear a nice blouse with a tailored jacket along with a formal skirt or trousers. The most formal evening will sometimes call for a ‘Cravate Blanche’ dress code if you have a high profile job which requires you to attend royal ceremonies and balls. Women are expected to wear ornate ball gowns and the long gloves that usually go with it are optional these days. If it is an opening night, gala dinner or a charity event, the ladies have an opportunity to flaunt their figure in a beautiful floor length evening dress.

A Job Interview

Dressing appropriately for an interview is very important and it is one of the occasions where you will receive points based on how you present yourself to the interviewer. Both men and women can wear a nice suit along with appropriate shoes. Women also have the option of wearing a pencil skirt with a nice formal shirt or a blouse. While a white or black colored blouse is standard, you can also play with some subtle colors to make an impression.

Points to Note

Properly accessorizing yourself for any occasion enhances your style quotient and overall appearance. When attending evening parties and formal events, women can wear an elegant necklace and matching earrings which is not too flashy. Men can pair up their tuxedo or dinner jacket with cuff links and a smart wrist watch. It is also important to wear the right kind of shoes for special occasions. When it comes to going for an event, every person has one particular style that suits them perfectly. Invest some time to try out different dresses and find the best attire for you to make a style statement.

Boutique Clothing for Girls

At the same time Craig and Corrine had always dreamed of helping less fortunate children and their families around the world. During his trip to Nicaragua, Craig met wonderful people and was moved to start Persnickety Clothing’s buying is giving program. Today, the company supports a sewing factory in Nicaragua where hire local sewers to produce high quality practical clothing for kids in need. For every item of clothing Persnickety sells from their regular US-based line, they donate an item made at the Nicaragua factory to children in need.

Fall was Persnickety Clothing’s first wholesale season. Working closely with reps around the United Sates, this girls clothing line launched its products at about fifty small girls clothing boutique. Boutique owners as well as the end customers were swept away by intricate vintage-inspired designs that were so different from any other girls clothing brand and reflected the very essence of childhood. Today, the brand is sold in hundreds of stores and boutique around the United States and has a world-wide customer following.

Outfits by Persnickety Clothing are often purchased for special occasions such as birthdays, weddings (think, flower girl dresses), family pictures, daddy-and-daughter dances, first days of school, Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year parties and many more. These beautiful boutique girl dresses and playful sets have a distinct look and feel that is easy to recognize. This established brand prides itself for its high quality, unique designs and great attention to detail. In an outfit from Persnickety Clothing company any little girl will feel like a princess. Dresses designed by this girls clothing line are made to make little girls feel special and unique.

Dream Catcher Necklaces And Silver

Dream catchers are used to ward off bad dreams or nightmares. According to the native legend, the web in the dream catcher acts like a sieve. The bad dreams are captured in the web while only the good dreams are allowed to pass through. Hence, only good thoughts would enter our mind. The traditional dream catcher necklace comprises of a steel wire which makes the loop. The loop is wrapped in a ribbon to which the strings are tied. The strings are then inter-weaved and the web is formed. The necklace can be adorned with colorful beads or feathers. This unique necklace is available at affordable prices at all leading online shopping sites like Amazon, eBay etc. The dream catcher necklace can be teamed with bohemian dresses or formal shirts. It serves as an attractive piece of accessory and blends with most outfits.

Designer silver jewelry has always been in fashion. It’s been a fashion statement for all ages and is considered as the new-age jewelry. This silver jewelry is more of budget jewelry and it’s especially a hit with the mid-income customers.

Originally silver jewelry was made with sterling silver which is a form of pure silver alloy. This form of silver is used to make jewelry and silverware. Silver being easily malleable, silversmiths could easily mould it into any piece of jewelry. This contributed to the evolution of a different line of jewelry. Silver, being a metal has been found to have purifying properties. It is believed to possess a positive energy and gives the body a sense of inner peace. Silver jewelry has been worn through ages to ward off evil energy and any supernatural beings. Also silver being a softer metal than gold and platinum, is ideal for sensitive skin. The most common of designer silver jewelry is the one made with sterling silver.

Earrings and rings are produced in most abundance with this silver. A Silver pendant can be matched with gold and can be adorned with other precious stones like pearls and other gems etc. Designer silver jewelry is easily available in all leading jewelry stores and almost on all leading online shopping portals. This jewelry being less flashy can easily be teamed with any piece of clothing. It is most ideal for office or formal wear. A designer silver pendant can be teamed up with designer silver pearl earrings for an evening dress.

Fads, Trends and Classics

Fads are fashions that come and go quickly, usually in a season or a year. They are styles that appeal to a small group of women. Mostly aimed at the young, they repeat in long cycles. Young women see them as something new to experiment with while older women say been there, done that and usually ignore them the second or third time round. Military styles are an example of a fashion Fad.

Trends are fashions that stay for a short visit, on average three years but may stay a few years longer like visitors who decide to extend their stay in your home. The first year will be the more extroverted and dramatic version of the fashion. It will be toned down slightly in the next few years. Its stay depends on retail sales.

An example of this is the current Colour Blocking Trend which is in its second year. Short front and long back skirts are another. This Trend is in its dying stages as it goes very conservative with only a tiny variation between the front and back hem to entice older women to buy into the trend.

Classics are favourite styles that have been around for many, many years. They have become classics because their styles suit most women. These include the princess line from the armhole, the pencil skirt, draped and cowl necklines and the front-buttoned business suit. They can become boring and create an impression of a dowdy woman stuck in a time warp. To get the most value from them today, they either need to be a base over which modern tops or jackets are added or they need to be made in interesting fabrics or made with slight variations in the style.

Modern Classics start out as Trends. Sales of them soar as women of all ages, shapes and sizes embrace them. Designers for the retail market are on a winner. Crossover tops, princess lines from the middle of the shoulders and draped jackets are examples. They became Modern Classics because they can be re-invented in slightly different and flattering variations year after year. Modern classic styles are not static. They keep evolving.

Fads are usually for Extroverts. Trends start being for Extroverts and then get toned down for Introverts. Modern Classics make both Extroverts and Introverts feel and look great. Classics need modern additions to stop them from being dowdy.

Striking Women Camisoles

As they come with thin straps, camisoles are typically worn without a bra. This makes some woman reluctant to wear them as it provides inadequate support for the bust. Camisoles that come with built-in bras may be a little challenging when it comes to the fitting factor as bust size does not correspond with waist or body particulars.

One of the most popular ways to wear them is to have them underneath a suit jacket or with any matched top of your choice. You can mix and match with the colors according to your requirements. Wearing them underneath allows women to wear bras under the camisoles, since the outer jacket or shirt would hide the thin straps.

If you are not uncomfortable with them, then you can use them as tank tops combined with a striking leggings or even a fine jeans. Wearing them with short sheer dresses would also add volumes to your overall look.

Camisoles and teddies were also a replacement for the lingerie used in the early 20th century and before. These can act as modern lingerie or you can say the prettiest of them all. You can find them in the market in interesting prints with necklines edged in lace and made in smooth silk or polyester.

If you are looking for designer camis and are unable to find the right one in the stores then internet can help you out. There are many online portals that offer such items affordably through their online platform. Choose the one you like conveniently at the comforts of your home and get them shipped at your door step as well.