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Different Types Of Hair Extensions

  • Clip in – A short-term option for enjoying hair extensions comes with the clip-ins which are easily applied or removed within a matter of minutes. Clip-in extensions are likely to feature a modest to large collection of hair attached to either a comb or clip that is effective at adding an extra degree of length, volume, or highlights. This is likely to feature as one of the less versatile options, but the ease in attaching makes it possible to attach or remove several times per day without needing to be concerned with damage to the natural hair.
  • Heat fusion – In the process of applying the heat fusion extensions it is necessary to rely on a specific type of hair-friendly adhesive such as keratin, glue, or wax. It helps to use the most desirable adhesive to match the personal needs and lifestyle, since some of these attachment methods like wax can have a quite low melt point which can result in difficulties when it comes to curling or blow drying. It is also reported that some of the adhesives can damage or otherwise have a negative impact on the hair.
  • Cold fusion – A hair extension method that is seeing an increase in popularity includes the process of cold fusion. Cold fusion hair extensions use a similar attaching process seen with heat fusion, but rather than applying an adhesive, a unique ultrasound device is used for creating the strong hold. Since no heat is used in the process of bonding, it is gentle on the hair.
  • Skin weft – A skin weft extension is made with wide, long sections that are attached to the natural hair in the upper region and secured in place using glue or tape. This type of extension is easily able to match the natural hair and in most situations it can be very difficult to notice the different between the real hair and extensions. A type of extension that is quite quick and easy to attach in the home without need to visit a professional salon.
  • Microbead – A microbead hair extension is highly versatile option and is often usable more than once. A microbead extension relies on using a special metal bead with a silicone inner lining. The method relies on threading the natural hair through the bead with the bonded edge of the extension, which is than secured in place using a clamp system.

Even though it is certain to relate to the type of extension, those that are attached by a professional stylist and given regular maintenance are able to last for 6 months or more. Giving the hair proper treating like brushing daily and using after care products is certain to mean the extension are able to last that longer.

A professional attached extension using the right application techniques is certain to mean the hair is bonded in place without any pain or discomfort. Extensions are only likely to hurt if they aren’t bonded at the ideal distance form the scalp. A poorly attached extension that lies too close to the scalp is certain to cause a range of issues, such as those related to headaches, hair breakage, general pain, and even alopecia.

Provided that the extensions are attached to a high standard, they are likely to be virtually invisible and it shouldn’t be possible to notice them. Since the bonds are placed near to the head and not the hairline, they are highly discreet and impossible to differentiate from you own hair. Also, it is still possible to wear the hair in a range of styles provided the hair isn’t pulled in a direction that could expose the extensions.

Polish Glam Look

Wearing clothes that fit and flatter your body is number one. Sometimes we have misconstrued ideas of sizes and shapes and lose ourselves in styles that may not suit us. First thing’s first: determine your body shape. This will then dictate what sorts of cuts and styles look best on you. Take handbags for instance. If you’re petite, then a small handbag or clutch compliments your stature, whereas an oversized tote might appear to shrink you. But if you’re tall and linear, then a crossbody bag can help create shape and dimension. The same goes for clothing. Certain cuts lengths and styles look best on certain body types. Additionally, determine which tones look best with your skin tone. Find which styles and colors look best on you, and even the most casual outfit will appear more polished.

Knowing how to accessorize is key in fashion. These handy tools can transform the style of any ensemble and dress it up or down accordingly. Having a collection of timeless accessories can ensure that you look put-together no matter where you’re going and can be added in a rush without planning ahead. We often think that looking manicured and purposeful takes a lot of time, and while we can invest that time when we want to, sometimes we just don’t have that time to invest. Having a go-to set of classic accessories, such as a scarf, leather handbag and bold statement necklace can make you chic on any given day.

Color is key. Knowing which colors go together, aside from which ones flatter your skin tone, can make or break an outfit. Once you have figured out which tones and shades look best on you and suit your style, see which ones go best together. See which ones match and see which others contrast, making sure that no combination clashes. Depending on the look or occasion, looking perfectly matched or perfectly accented can transform you from drab to fab.

All of these tips require that you know a bit about yourself, but never be afraid to experiment or mix and match. Looking polished is all about looking purposeful regardless of how much time you have at your disposal to put a look together. Once you have an arsenal full of clothes, shoes and accessories that suit and flatter you, you’re sure to look more polished.

Nurse Mates Bryar

  1. Comfort – the practicality of shoes are very important in this scenario, as a nurse can spend hours on her feet.
  2. Appearance – whether its choosing a shoe that matches with her uniform or the outfit she’s wearing for dinner after work, a female nurse needs to look professional while maintaining her femininity.

The beauty of the Bryar is that it fulfils both requirements, making it a truly versatile shoe the modern woman can be happy with.

With above average heel height and a huge range or colors and patterns to choose from, the Bryar appeals to a wide variety of tastes or circumstances. In the Bryar, Nurse Mates achieve this by fusing a fashionable looking shoe with the functionality of a nursing shoe. This shoe includes the typical necessities of a good nursing shoe such as slip resistant outsoles, stain resistant exterior, and cushioned/soft inners. Check out a more technical break down of what the Bryar offers below.

A Closer Look At The Bryar:

  • 2.25 inches of heel.
  • Cushioned footbed: the exclusive Nurse Mates pillowed bottoms known for their incredible comfort.
  • Built with stain-resistant materials: available in leather or polyurethane, depending on the style.
  • Flexible fit: every foot is unique and this design takes this into consideration by incorporating adaptable goring.

Nurse Mates offer a well-rounded product in the Bryar, combining the industry specifics for a nursing shoe with the stylishness that a woman wants. The color range means you can have a traditional looking shoe or something a little more funkier, but whichever you pick you know you will look and feel professional.

The heel adds a little more spice and femininity to the product. However, if you feel as though the heel may be too much it may be worth checking out another product, as not everyone will want or be comfortable with the extra height.

Some Celebrity Style Inspiration for Winter

Oversize coats

With the arrival of winters, everyone wants to cover up themselves in warm yet comfortable attires. Celebrities are no odds in this case. But celebrities know how to look good even in those awful winter wears.

From last few decades, designers have come up with a trend of coats and blazers. However, with the arrival of every New Year, there has been a change in the looks and cuts of these coats and blazers. All these changes have made coats look more pleasant and trendy. For this winter, oversized coats are in fashion. Many models and celebrities have been spotted wearing these oversized coats and not to mention they look stunning and glamorous as always.

A perfect example of stylish oversize coats was given by Kim Kardashian on her visit to Manhattan with Kanye West. She was wearing an oversized black coat with a sheer black turtleneck top. Not to mention that she was looking sexy and gorgeous as always. Also, Melissa McCarthy, the “Bridesmaids” actress, got her photo shoot done for the Elle magazine’s November cover. In spite of her curves, she decided to cover up herself in an alluring oversized forest green coat.

Bags and Clutches

One accessory without which a girl will never step out is her bag/clutch. They are like every girl’s best friend. Wherever you go, whatever the occasion may be – Bags are going to be with you everywhere. From Louis Vuitton to Gucci, every brand has a wide range of bag styles to choose from. From clutches to shoulder purse, totes to satchel, hobos to cross shoulder bags and many more options are available to choose from. But for this winter season totes are in fashion. The super roomy, spacious, bulky and overpowering have been spotted in hands of Hilary Duff, Katherine Heigl, and Pippa Middleton.

New Wardrobe Can Improve Your Life

You can increase the chances of your being hired for a new job. When you have the correct clothes that represent the professional within you, people do take notice. Whether people like it or not, they are judged every day by others. This is no different in the professional world. When you attend an interview for a new position, make sure that you are well dressed and have a clean appearance. You will be more likely to be hired than the person who is not well dressed.

You will feel more confident in your daily life.Nearly everyone knows the feeling of disappointment when their clothes no longer fit or out of date. It can be embarrassing to run into people that you know when you are dressed less than your best. When all of your clothes flatter your figure and reflect your own personality, you will be more confident.

This confidence may come out in many different ways. You may approach people you would have never approached before. You may want to try new things or feel less shy. It is amazing how new clothes can give you a better outlook on your own situation and how you feel about yourself.

People may notice you more.This new attention will be positive and encouraging. Instead of fading into the background, you will stand out more in a positive way. You may have had a hard time dating before, but with a new wardrobe, you might find out that you are now getting wanted attention from people you are interested in. You may be picked more for projects or other situations as well.

You may be surprised that you may start saving money when purchasing new outfits.When you know how to correctly piece together a new closet, you will be able to pick clothes that can be matched with each other in a variety of ways. This will stretch out the life of your closet. You can seemingly have a new outfit many times over if you know how to pair your items together in different ways.

You may be inspired to do more with your life.Having new clothes might inspire you to get healthier. You may decide to lose some weight or to tone your body. Liking the way you look can help you to maintain your look. You may be inspired to eat healthier and to do things that make you feel good about yourself and your appearance.

You can let go of your old items with confidence.You will no longer need to hang onto your old clothes. You can make more room in your home and get rid of more clutter. The things that you no longer need can be donated to a good cause or to a thrift shop. You will be helping yourself and your community when you get rid of the things you no longer need.

New clothes always make people feel good about themselves. What this inspires in each person may be different, but an entire new wardrobe is sure to bring about some positive change in a person’s life if it is chosen correctly and with good taste.

Choosing Winter Jacket


Firstly, if you live in a country where it doesn’t get cold then shopping for a winter coat is most likely not on the top of your shopping priorities. However, as many shops follow the seasons it can be hard to avoid the A/W collections. Therefore, picking up a few thin layers and a light parka jacket can be the perfect solution.

The last couple of years have seen the rise of the parka and it’s set to be a big trend for A/W 14 too. It’s the perfect cover up for downtime dressing and works well with denims or even over shorts if it’s particularly warm where you live. If you want to vary it up from the traditional army green color, then why not opt for one with a quilted style texture or for a smarter look try a lightweight black number. These will ensure you don’t miss out on the current season looks.

Faux Shearling Coats

Thanks to Miranda Kerr in the latest Mango Campaign, the faux shearling coat has made a come back. Available in a variety of styles and colours, this coat is one that will keep you plenty warm this winter. For a casual look throw your faux shearling coat over a thin knit jumper, denims and some stylish boots. This dressed down look is practical and comfy, perfect for days when you have to battle the elements.

If you prefer a more dressed up look, opt for a black shearling coat, which you can team with faux leather trousers or grey skinny jeans. Heeled ankle boots and an oversized boho bag will help polish off your outfit and ensure that you’re ready to face those chilly winter days with style.

Pastel Woolen Coats

Pastel colors needn’t be restricted to the spring and summer months. Instead, incorporate a little colour into your winter wardrobe with a pastel coat. You’ll find this season’s most popular hues are soft greys, winter whites, baby blues and nude pinks. These lovely coats look fashionable when paired with simple neutral items underneath, such as light jumpers, black leather skater skirts or a pair of skinny jeans. For a luxurious touch add a faux fur stool and a jeweled necklace.

There are different fits to choose from, so knowing what coat suits your body shape is important. If you’re tall and lean you might find you can pull off the oversized boyfriend coat, which is currently in vogue having been seen up and down the catwalks this season. Or if you’re more petite, a fitted coat with a long belt that can be loosely tied may suit your frame better. By trying a range of styles on you’ll soon know what compliments your figure best.

Reasons Choose Designer Footwear

A truly stylish and beautiful shoe will improve any outfit, even the most casual one. Paired with another accessory, such as a designer handbag or a belt, shoes make a clear statement about you and your sense of style. No matter what you are wearing, a glamorous dress or a pair of jeans, a good pair of designer shoes will make you stand out in the crowd.

All designer goods are made of the best quality materials and crafted to the highest standard. The price of designer shoes may seem high, but remember that, with proper care, these shoes will last for a very long time, much longer than the ordinary fashion shoe. A genuine designer shoe is not hastily glued in a factory somewhere. All of the stitching and other types of joints are made to perfection and repairable, just in case something does happen to them. High quality designer shoes are made of the best materials available, so they will not cause problems, such as making your feet sweat excessively as some lower quality materials might do.

The quality also means that they will not only last longer but stay looking good longer. Again, with adequate care, the material will not deteriorate quickly, and the shoe will not lose its shape.

The quality of materials and high standard of craftsmanship make designer shoes more comfortable. Note that this does not necessarily mean that the shoe will be comfortable, just that it will be the most comfortable one of its shape. High heels and pointy toes will definitely cause some discomfort; however, a well-made designer shoe will minimize the discomfort.

The bottom line is that brand name designer shoes are simply better. They are made of better materials and are far more beautiful than any other piece of footwear available. Do take your time in searching for the right one; there is no need to rush. Once you have bought a pair, treat them with the care they deserve, and wear them with a smile.

Trend With Lace Wigs

Have you ever wondered how celebrities always have different hair style that is perfectly coiffed? What is their secret? They use cheap costume wigs. While celebrities are using this method, people who lose hair or suffer from hair loss due to illness or chemotherapy can use the wig rather than traditional wigs used to purchase a wig shop.

There are several kinds of wigs. The first is the full lace cap that can be placed on the head with either an adhesive or hairpin and hair are tied in. The second type is called a lace front wig which means that the lace cap covers only the front of the head while the back of the head may incorporate a different material. The type of lace used is either made of French lace long or more delicate Swiss lace.

Whether you want a celebrity look or your own Lace Synthetic Wigs and unique style full lace wigs are available in a variety of lengths, textures and colors. Wigs are the best hair replacement solution because they do not harm your scalp, unlike weaves, fusion, and many other popular hair extension strand by strand methods. Lace front wigs are more common because they are cheaper and easier to wear. In addition, they tend to be much more durable than full lace wigs. This is an advantage for people who want a versatile and natural look and just do not have thousands of dollars to spend on wigs. In addition, anyone can wear wigs.

You can easily learn how to apply the wig is by instructions online or by an esthetician who is knowledgeable in this area. Once you apply the lace wig, usually you can wear anywhere from one to two weeks as long as you follow the instructions correctly to keep the wig should last up to six months.

In addition to the common modification for lace wig, people should also apply another method to change their style. For example, women can choose the most appropriate to help them get the appearance of good accessories fair. The shape, color and style of hair accessory should be in accordance with the style and color of the full lace wig. However, this would be the most important that people should pay more attention points.

Scared Of Tight Dresses

First, try to relax-this is about having fun. Never let your body image prevent you from taking a chance on a great dress. It is intimidating to buy a tight dress, or what would be called a bodycon dress. Bodycon, or body conditioning, dresses intend to display an hourglass figure. If that seems intimidating and you think you might need a little more help getting to an hourglass figure, a bandage dress would help. This dress will have the same overall appeal as a bodycon dress, with with more support to help you get that hourglass figure. What separates a the two dresses is the visual trick of horizontal, overlapping fabric patterns.

A bandage dress is tight, yes I know. It is also layered with overlapping fabric to help draw in those unsightly bulges or control those curves. The visual effect of this is to mask any sort of perceived imperfections. This can boost confidence, and contribute to a better nightclub experience.

The fabric composition of this dress is usually manufactured from breathable, light fabric like Rayon. The bandage dress is a great summer dress. This light fabric will let you dance the night away in a hot (and possible crowded) nightclub, without excessive perspiration. It should be noted that since this dress is so light, you might get a chill before entering or when leaving the club. In colder temperatures, layering for this dress is important. A cardigan or wrap will keep away the chill. Coat checks should be avoided because of the possibility of long lines.

Purchasing Baby Clothes

Baby clothes should be bought only when the child really needs them. Do not buy these items simply because they are cute. A child quickly outgrows their clothing so if you buy them a close full of things the chances are high that they will never get to wear the majority of them.

If you have a washer and a dryer at your home then the baby should have 7 sleeper sets, 7 tee-shirts, and 10 pairs of socks, 7 everyday outfits, and 3 outfits you consider to be dress clothing. You also need accessories like bibs that match the clothing. There is no need for more clothes than this because you can always wash their items if they need more.

When you buy clothing that you expect the baby to grow into try and select items that will be appropriate for the time of year that it will be when the child reaches the size needed to wear the clothing. Do not buy summer dresses to fit a six month old baby if the baby will probably be wearing a size six month outfit in the winter.

The more lace that is on a dress the more uncomfortable the item will be. Lace stains easily and is hard to clean. Think about how hard an item is going to be to clean, iron, and keep looking nice. Shop for clothing that will be easy to care for.

Buy clothing that is soft to the touch. Take the fabric and rub it against the sensitive skin of your inner arm. If the fabric feels soft to you it will feel soft to the baby, if it is scratchy to your inner arm then it will be scratchy to baby.

Shop discount stores and stores that sell used clothing. Babies rarely wear out their clothes before they grow out of their clothes. Most moms sell these items in used clothing stores at reduced prices and this is really helpful for them.