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Info of Luminox Watch History

All of that changed in 1989 when two American businessmen made the brave choice to use Swiss watch making technology and a unique illumination system to create a new watch unlike anything the world had seen before. The theory behind this innovative watch design was intended to appeal to the sports enthusiasts. After all, they were constructed to be able to withstand some heavy abuse and provide a watch face that is able to light up. To get the point across about the special and unique ability of this new style of watches, the two businessmen aptly named their new company Luminox.

Since the illumination feature of Luminox watches is what really sets them apart, it may be useful to have a clear picture of how this technology works. Unlike other watches that can light up, the Luminox watches are powered by tiny gas lights called borosilicate glass capsules. These capsules provide constant illumination without the need for solar power or batteries. Among other benefits of this system, the capsules also provide continuous illumination for up to 25 years and are brighter than previously manufactured lit watches. With a Luminox watch there is no need to push a button or do anything special to use the light up factor; it does it automatically regardless of the external conditions. Conventional illumination where some form of luminous paint is used requires charging from a light source for a period of time.

In the beginning, the Luminox Watch Company was having a bit of a struggle to get the notice necessary to really grow as a company. Sure, the extreme sports enthusiasts were catching on, but they still weren’t able to reach the consumer market Luminox needed. All of that changed in 1993 with one call from a procurement officer with the U.S. Navy SEALS. By early in 1994, the Luminox company was able to offer the original SEAL Dive Series I. Once again the amazing ability of Swiss engineering, coupled with their unique illumination system set the Luminox Company up for some serious success.

This was the turning point the Luminox Company needed. Due the involvement of the SEALS in the popularity of Luminox watches, the owners began to see a dramatic increase in the number of sales. For the next 5 years, Luminox focused on the sales of their plastic watches. Around 1999, the company made the decision to branch out their watch styles and began to use steel and titanium in addition to the fiberglass models already on the market. Over the last few years Luminox have introduced many new models. And as I write this article, Luminox is introducing the next generation of illumination watch, the Luminox EVO Navy SEAL Colormark series. What is unique with this series is that the markers actually glow in the same color as the numerals on the dial.

The Luminox Watch Company is amazing example of what hard work, dedication, and having a product the U.S. military needs can do. They continue to work with both the Navy and Air Force to provide specialized watches for the special units and pilots. They are also hard at work providing the everyday person with well made, self illuminating watches at affordable prices.

Perfect Bridal Bling

Depending on your budget, there are many different types of bridal jewelry to choose from. Also, you may also be able to choose a certain type or style of jewelry that will work with whatever your theme or chosen style of wedding may be. For example, for a more laid back affair you may choose a classy set of pearl earrings with a single strand pearl necklace. For a formal, black-tie type of an affair, you may want to consider stunning diamonds or rhinestones to amplify your sparkle and shine.

Many brides today purchase their bridal jewelry custom-made. This is a fabulous way to not only match your wedding band, but also your personal style. There are several advantages to deciding to have custom jewelry made. One being that you, personally, will have total control over what is being made. Another positive aspect is the added heirloom value that custom-made jewelry can provide. It can be important to choose the right grouping of jewelry, not only so you will want to wear it time and again, but future family generations will want to as well.

Keeping that in mind, it’s time to make your selections. Choosing the right pieces of “bling-bling” doesn’t have to be such a daunting task. In fact, it can be fairly easy as long as you have reliable guidelines to follow.

First, narrow down some of the accessory competition by determining if you are planning a formal or casual affair. As there is quite a difference between a Cinderella-style ball and a casual setting at the beach, preliminary choices should be an easy decision. While there is no reason why you cannot wear fancy jewelry at a casual wedding, setting distinctions in your mind can help you a great deal in the long run.

Next, and this is a very important guideline, you will want to take the neckline of your gown into consideration. If you have a gown that has lots of beading and details around the neckline or up and over the straps, you may decide to skip the necklace and opt for a pair of gorgeous earrings. If you have a lower neckline, you will have a bit more play in choices of a necklace that you can easily pair up with simple earrings. One of the more popular necklace styles today has been the layering of three or more simple necklaces of different lengths to create a stunning and unique style.

Many times, brides have also been known to work the theme color of their event into their accessories as well. For a winter affair, adding a pretty, gothic-inspired necklace with ruby and rhinestone detailing can make for a breathtaking addition to your gown. It has also been very popular to work in a little “Something Blue” with the wedding jewels. Add a splash of blue topaz, apatite, iolite, aquamarine or luscious sapphire for a unique twist on an age-old tradition of “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue”.

No matter what your final decision for bridal jewelry is, there are plenty of options available to help you create a lasting impression with your jewelry. Creating your “Bridal Bling” should ultimately reflect your personality and become a cherished memento of your wedding day for years to come.

Vintage Costume Jewelry

Vintage costume jewelry may be less expensive, but good quality ones are never seen as cheap. They are less costly because they are not made from precious gems. Designers of vintage costume jewelry use a variety of materials from cut glass, beads, semi-precious gems, faux gems — even plastic! These pieces were created and released since the start of the Victorian era up to the 1960s. Vintage costume jewelry from the 1940s and 1950s are especially creative and eye-catching, since the designers of the era had to produce relatively inexpensive yet fashionable items that men and women could afford and appreciate during the war and post-war era.

Some of the most popular designers of vintage costume jewelry were fashion guru Coco Chanel, Elsa Schiaparelli and Miriam Haskell. Many of Schiaparelli’s bright and attractive creations were made from multi-colored rhinestones. Haskell, in her finely detailed work, almost always paid tribute to nature’s beauty and bounty. Chanel, the favorite of many celebrities, transformed the way costume jewelry was worn in the 1920s. Other pieces of vintage costume jewelry were made from materials that included beads, corals, faux pearls, and Bakelite — a kind of polymeric plastic.

Vintage costume jewelry continues to be very much in vogue today, and it has inspired many designers to create ‘real’ pieces made from precious gems and metals. At Academy Awards, the jewelry that many women celebrities wore were oversized and sparkly, a tribute to the jewelry designs of the 1940s. Stars such as Madonna, Britney Spears, and Julia Roberts are not only collectors of vintage costume jewelry and dress accessories; they actually wear them in public, too.

A person does not have to be a celebrity to appreciate vintage costume jewelry. Their uniqueness, aesthetic value and superb craftsmanship make them popular collectible items, and with proper care, they can be a good investment, too, since serious collectors will pay top dollar for vintage costume jewelry that is in mint condition. But more than that, the experience of owning and wearing a thing of beauty that comes from a bygone era is simply priceless.

White Gold Jewelery

First of all, white gold is still gold. However, it is an alloy of gold that has been mixed with at least one other metal. Normally the two most commonly used white metals that get added to it are nickel and palladium. Just like the yellow gold that we have come to know and love, the white gold’s purity is, of course, given to us in carats. This lets you know how much of it is actually gold and how much of it has been mixed with another metal. One thing to keep in mind is that you can never have a full gold ring. That is because gold by itself is way too soft. It has to be mixed with another metal to make it stronger. If you did not mix it, you would be able to simply press on it and bend it.

Whenever you are dealing with white gold jewelry, there are a few different purposes it can be used for. First of all, when white gold is made with nickel, it’s a lot stronger than other white gold jewellery. This means that it is perfect for making things like rings and pins. However, when it is mixed with palladium, it becomes a lot softer and more workable. This makes it perfect to be used on gemstone jewelry. Most of the time, the highest carat white gold you are going to find is 18k. As said before, white gold is usually mixed with one or more metals, so they will often use palladium or nickel, but things like silver and copper get added in as well. In the really high class white gold rings, you can find things like platinum being used.

One more thing to keep in mind about white gold is that it does not retain it’s shine quite like other metals do, thus, a lot of times white gold has to be coated with rhodium. This gives it a very nice shine, but sometimes it has been known to rub off over time. Although it is unlikely, it does happen. Without the coating of this rhodium, very few people would like the dull look of white gold.

So why do people like the white gold look so much nowadays? When did all the jewelry start getting made out of white gold? This really came about as the rappers got into the white gold look. Although some people still really like the yellow gold look, it is a little bit too traditional for some people. That is why they go with the very modern looking white gold. Of course, we sometimes see these fads change back and forth, so no one knows when yellow gold will come back into style.

Watch Styles Every Woman Should Own

Leather Band

This one is a timeless piece. Leather band watches are known for their neat and casual look that fit a workplace environment. In fact, they are basic watch that goes with anything. They can be worn by young and old alike. Leather bands are designed with functionality in mind. Features such as replaceable straps and waterproof dials make them more durable. There are multi-strap watches that let you mix and match your watch with your outfit. Women with larger wrists can always opt for a larger dial.

So, irrespective of the color you choose, you should have at least one leather strap watch in your wardrobe.

Bracelet watches

This style in ladies watches is great for a night out or a formal do. They range from dainty and delicate time tellers to bold and flamboyant designs. They are meant to be worn as a jewelry piece. They feature metallic finishes (gold, silver, rose gold and platinum), gold and silver elements and jewel encrusted dials. They are mostly made by designer brands and are expensive. These are those luxury watches you can reserve for special occasions.

A variant of the bracelet watch is the bangle watch that snaps around the wrist like a cuff. A few also have adjustable straps in the form of ties.

Sports watches

Unlike the other ladies watches mentioned in the list, sports watches stand out for the sleek lines and minimalistic design. They are made for rugged use such as swimming, biking and trekking. They offer a high level of water resistance. They boast of a number of add-on features such as digital displays, countdown timers, calorie counters, calendars, heart rate monitors and the likes. Rubber and plastic are the common materials used for the casing and straps of sports watches. They are also made in brighter colors.

Chronograph watches

Women usually shy away from chronographs believing that it’s made for men and that it will look too big for their petite hands. A chronograph has a display watch and stop watch combined. They look classy and professional. You have to wear it once to see how it looks. You can also get matching chronograph watches for men and women.

Pick Watch to Gift

  • Think of the person you are going to gift a watch. It is better if the watch you are going to give functions more than just a timepiece. Is that person a swimmer? A skier? An outdoor enthusiast? The you could give a watch that can withstand environmental wear and tear? If you are gifting to a person who appreciates fashion. Then consider fashion watches, they will appreciate it if it comes in their favorite colors.
  • Watches can be mechanical wind-up, self-winding, and quartz. Of the three, quartz if battery powered.
  • Think of any of these extra features: alarm, thermometer, a heartbeat monitor, water resistance, stopwatch function, illuminator, compass, altimeter, barometer and the original watch band.
  • Be sure the watch band is a comfortable fit.
  • Look in custom shops for one-of-a-kind watch styles, they are more unforgettable than designer watches for their uniqueness.
  • Check for return policies and guarantee policies. That will be useful in case the recipient desires another model.
  • There a wide array of watches out there. Gift Certificates are useful if you are not sure which model the recipient likes.

Tips for Purchasing Bridal Jewelry

  • Remember, it begins with your engagement and wedding ring. This is probably the only jewelry that you’ll wear every day for the rest of your life. It sets the tone by showing your taste in jewelry and your personal style.
  • Decide what kind of ceremony you want. Formal, semi-formal? Afternoon or evening? Casual? A non-traditional medieval or Celtic wedding?
  • Don’t feel pressured into having a service that other people feel is appropriate. This is for you and your fiance to decide. The type of service you choose will effect all your other decisions regarding wedding attire and jewelry.
  • Buy your gown before you choose your bridal jewelry. Every piece of jewelry, other than your wedding set, revolves around the gown. It will set the tone for everything else.
  • Consider the color of your gown. Jewelry that looks gorgeous on a white gown might not look good on an ivory dress. Gold might add a perfect touch to an ivory dress but not on classic white. Try to coordinate the metal colors in your jewelry. Using both gold and silver doesn’t usually work.
  • Are you using any family heirloom jewelry? If so, you’ll need the new items you purchase to compliment, or at least not clash with the things you’ve already decided to wear. Brides often use this as their chance for “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue”.
  • It’s all about the neckline. A strapless gown can be enhanced with a larger necklace and earrings. Shorter, choker type necklaces work well with strapless gowns also. Beaded straps might need a small necklace. This is also true if your neckline is heavily trimmed with sequins or crystals. You’ll want to coordinate with the trim in your gown so the jewelry and trim blends. Pearls usually go better with beads, and diamonds with crystals.  A v-neck might need only a diamond solitaire.
  • Coordinate with your bridesmaids. You want the complete look of your bridal party to harmonize. There will be lots of photographs of the whole party so make sure everything works well together.
  • Think about the veil. You might want to consider stud or small hoop earrings that can’t become tangled in a veil.
  • Don’t over do it. You don’t want your jewelry to be the star of the show. Everything you wear should make the guests say, “Oh my, the bride looks so beautiful.” You want to choose pieces that complement your personal appearance. Earrings can frame your face. A necklace will draw attention to your lovely shoulders and neck. Think about what you want to enhance about your features.
  • Try everything on at one time. You might find a wonderful tiara and an awesome set of earrings that look incredible separately. Put them together and they’re simply too much. You want to find the perfect balance of glamour and simplicity to create your desired effect.

Reasons Buy Diamond Heart Pendants

They are Absolutely Awesome

A heart-shaped pendant is an ideal gift if you want to make your women happy on her wedding or birthday. In fact, it will make that day more memorable. Moreover, pendants can create memories that you will never forget. Made with precious metals like platinum and gold, this jewelry can make a great gift. Some are also embedded with diamonds.

If you are worried about price, know that the diamond-embedded ones won’t cost you an arm and a leg. So, they won’t empty your pocket. This is the reason many people have the budget to invest in them.

They are Meaningful

These jewelry items have deep meanings for everyone. Some people think pendants are full of love and affection. So, they can help a couple strengthen their love bond, which is the dream of every couple out there.

Aside from this, there are some spiritual and religious meanings as well. According to some people, this heart shape represents the love between human beings.

They Express True Love

Unlike other jewels, pendants are thought to manifest real emotions and feelings of love. However, the same can’t be said about wedding/engagement rings as their use is limited to special occasions only.

Typically, men consider the likes and dislikes of their ladies before buying a heart pendant. Generally, women of all ages tend to love gold, platinum, and sterling silver. Therefore, if you have no idea which one to buy, you can opt for gold, platinum or silver.

You will be over the moon to see the expressions on your lady’s face when you produce the pendant in front of her.

Lucky Charm

Many women think heart pendants are a symbol of good luck. In other words, this thing can help them deal with difficult situations in their life more easily.

Aside from this, some also believe that a pendant can help them keep bad luck away. We don’t know how much of it is true, but this is one of the many reasons women buy this piece of jewelry.

About Gents Strap Watches

Some of the famous names that are available in the gents strap watches. Many low cost watch manufacturers also have these gent strap watches available. There are as many makers of these watches as there are people who wear them, thus accounting for the great diversity in watch making and types of watches that are available. The UK has a variety of companies that sell these watches some are available on websites. Pronto is an example of such a site. You can see the items that are present and see all the various intricacies and designs of the watches. Many Gents strap watches are really decorative and functional pieces of jewelry as well as practical devices to keep track of the time.

These watches may be less popular than they once were since the advent of cell phones but it is doubtful they are ever going to go out of style entirely, since they do serve a practical purpose; and also can look very attractive on the wrist of the wearer. One can only look on the web to see how many varieties of gents strap watches there are. They range from the multi function chronograph sports type watches to those that come with an elegant band and strap. Some of the timepieces have technology from France, Germany, Japan and the UK. the aforementioned, has a number of these bands with several different styles and prices. This site claims to have over 10,000 watch styles.

An individual can also go to a jeweler or watch shop and see what sort of watches are in stock. Gents strap watches can be very distinctive and can be had virtually anywhere in the world. These watches have been around since the decline of the pocket watch about the beginning of the twentieth century.

They are really easy and versatile ways to keep track of time, hence their popularity.

Seiko is another large purveyor of strap watches. Many of the watches have quartz and are available in a variety of styles such as chronograph, divers, kinetic, etc. their gents strap watches are primarily dress style watches, most come with a two year guarantee and several are water resistant and waterproof.

Flower Dangle Earrings

The flower designs on the earrings can take different shapes and come in different colors and embellishments. There is such a wide range you can choose from and just like buying any other item, it helps to know how to wear and care for your floral dangle earrings.

Wearing the floral dangle earrings

  • The flower earrings come in different lengths and will often move and swing. Apart from elongating the appearance of your neck and face, they can easily tangle in hair. It is therefore important that you consider your hair length and style when wearing the earrings. You can go for a pixie and short bob styles or hold your hair up so you keep them off your hair. These hair styles also give the beautiful earrings a chance to stand out and be seen.
  • Since they can snag on clothing too, depending on their length and design, you also want to avoid high collar clothing, hoods and scarves when wearing the dangle earrings. Such clothes will not only give you a problem with the earrings, but will also make them look overwhelming with the bulk around the neck and shoulders.
  • Consider wearing the earrings without any other jewelry. They are eye catching and make very good statement pieces, depending on their size and length, hence you do not really need any other jewelry to go with them. Most are loud, shiny and bright and you can find them in multiple styles and colors, hence needing no additions to create an elegant look.

Care tips for floral dangle earrings

  • To keep your earrings in top shape for longer, ensure that you choose that have secure studs and hooks. Considering that they can be heavy and large depending on the design, only strong studs and hooks will keep them from falling off your ears and breaking apart.
  • When selecting your dangle earrings, you also want to ensure that you get only the highest quality metal and other materials. Hypoallergenic metals are the best, especially for those with sensitive skin. Poor quality materials will only fade and lose the shine after a few uses and remain at risk of unsightly rusting.
  • After getting quality dangle earrings, ensure that you get proper storage for them. Throwing them in a box with other earrings may not be the best way to go because they can easily tangle on the others. Poor storage could also cause the embellishments to come off, especially when they pull on each other and scratches are also inevitable. Get a proper jewelry box if you can to hang the earrings.