Complement Your Bag With a Dress

The important thing is to match the overall look of the bag with the dress. If you are wearing a beautiful designer dress, you will not want the bag to take the attention away from it. At the same time, you will want people to notice the designer bag as well. If, however, your dress is fairly simple, use it as the backdrop for the beauty in your hand. The advantage of designer bags is that they can do both and fit in every situation.

Below are some examples of how to match the dress to your bag.

One of the most famous dress styles is the black cocktail dress. This dress is famous for its versatility. Obviously, it can be worn at a cocktail party, but it is also perfect for a dinner date or a night at the theatre. What really makes these dresses stand out is the bag you choose to go with them.

It almost does not matter what the real dress is like in this case. You will make a statement whether you wear a comfortable evening dress, such as a sleeveless dress with a sweetheart neckline and cut out details on the back, or a simpler one.

Other dresses may not go with every bag, though. If you choose an extravagant draped mixed print dress, for example, the choice of the bag will be a little more limited. It would be best to go with a simpler design that will not overcrowd the dress itself.

It is similar with floral summer dresses. It is best not to have too much going on. A bag with simple, clean lines will complement the busy patterns and will make your bag stand out.

The bottom line is to look for the overall feel of both items and to not allow overcrowding. Decide what you want people to notice, just the bag or the bag and the dress. Either way, you will not go wrong with a designer bag.