Dressing Tips for Important Occasions

Dressing for an Event

When you are dressing up for a business casual party make sure that you look classy and polished. Men may wear a collared shirt with twill cotton or khaki trousers while women can wear a nice blouse with a tailored jacket along with a formal skirt or trousers. The most formal evening will sometimes call for a ‘Cravate Blanche’ dress code if you have a high profile job which requires you to attend royal ceremonies and balls. Women are expected to wear ornate ball gowns and the long gloves that usually go with it are optional these days. If it is an opening night, gala dinner or a charity event, the ladies have an opportunity to flaunt their figure in a beautiful floor length evening dress.

A Job Interview

Dressing appropriately for an interview is very important and it is one of the occasions where you will receive points based on how you present yourself to the interviewer. Both men and women can wear a nice suit along with appropriate shoes. Women also have the option of wearing a pencil skirt with a nice formal shirt or a blouse. While a white or black colored blouse is standard, you can also play with some subtle colors to make an impression.

Points to Note

Properly accessorizing yourself for any occasion enhances your style quotient and overall appearance. When attending evening parties and formal events, women can wear an elegant necklace and matching earrings which is not too flashy. Men can pair up their tuxedo or dinner jacket with cuff links and a smart wrist watch. It is also important to wear the right kind of shoes for special occasions. When it comes to going for an event, every person has one particular style that suits them perfectly. Invest some time to try out different dresses and find the best attire for you to make a style statement.