Herringbone Blazers

The new slim lines of the wool blazers make it easy for men to still have the smart look of the college professor, while appearing fashionably comfortable and causal. When worn over a crisp oxford shirt and paired with crisp khaki slacks, the look is a mixture of chic and casual professionalism that is sure to fit seamlessly in any academic environment.

While the wool blazer will always have a beloved place in academic life, the modern herringbone jacket is finding a home in other places as well. The more tailored cut of these newly styled blazers makes them perfect for a warm casual look. Paired with jeans and a t-shirt, it is a look that is still comfortable while retaining that edge of fashion men wear so well.

Even though the wool jacket may be a slimmer and sleeker than the herringbone jackets made popular by the English gentry, they are still a great accessory for achieving a tailored, yet layered look. The warm blazers not only keep out the cool autumn air, the texture of the herringbone design helps to add an element of depth and separation that is necessary to keep any layered look from appearing sloppy and poorly put together. Cable knit sweaters are always a great option for layering and the contrasting patterns will give the outfit the depth and definition necessary for creating a unique and stylish look.

Part of the ongoing appeal for the herringbone blazer is the long and rich history and even heritage that is often associated with the jackets and many men are now bringing this history to the office. The understated pattern and texture of the jackets bring an elegant class to any outfit, and wear the jacket is paired with a stylish tie and white oxford shirt, it is a look that speaks of quiet luxury and style.