How to Make Bamboo Clothing

If you define the word process, you confidently mean about steps and ways, as well as reasons behind each number. Bamboo clothing and process is not as easy as 1, 2, 3 because it covers two important ways unlike clothes made from cottons. There are two important things to note in here. Without further interruptions, let us know the process. The first is the chemical processing. In this process, Sodium Hydroxide or caustic soda plays the major role. It is used to cook the fiber and create a regenerated cellulose fiber carbon disulfide. Essentially, the outcome fiber is placed in a process called ‘hydrolysis alkalization” and combined with multi-phase bleaching. It produced a bamboo rayon or modal after few hours. According to one researcher of bamboo processing, bamboo clothing under a chemical process is the most popular type bamboo regeneration process. The second is mechanical processing. When you say mechanical, the aid of machines is used to crush the bamboo parts into halves and pieces. This method extracts the natural enzymes of the bamboo plants responsible to break it into a mushy mess. The outcome of this procedure is a fine fiber and a yarn to create bamboo linens. Mechanical processing is costly and with intensive labor, so it is not that popular unlike the former process.

Aside from the fact that both processes used a bamboo, they also provided lesser toxic effects to human health. However, what makes them different from each other and why not choose bamboo clothing? Taking a closer look at the differences and similarities. Here are some things to ponder. Chemically, the former process used a caustic soda or sodium hydroxide and a process called ‘hydrolysis alkalization’ to create a fine fiber or bamboo rayon. However, too much exposure to these chemicals provides minor health effects, such as headache, tiredness and nerve damage. Talking about the process, it is clear that machines can work twice on what people can do, so the latter process engages to machines than people. Nonetheless, budget and cost of labor take the highest considerations for the company.