Ideas For Organic Baby Clothes

One of the most common types of organic baby clothing are those which are made out of organic cotton. Cotton is a fantastic material for any baby to wear, because it is easy to wash, it doesn’t usually shrink as readily as some other fabrics if it is tumble dried, it is hypoallergenic and it is great at drawing excess moisture away from your baby’s skin, which can help to prevent a sweat rash. However, some cotton producers cut corners and use lots of pesticides and fertilizers, so that they can grow as much cotton as possible. If clothing producers aren’t careful, these chemicals can still be present in the clothing which you buy for your baby, and these chemicals can have a negative effect on your baby’s skin. If your baby has very delicate skin, these chemical could even cause a bad rash.

There are different rules and regulations surrounding the use of chemicals on cotton which is certified as organically grown, and the farmers which grow this type of cotton are not allowed to use pesticides on or around their crops. Because these farmers produce a slightly smaller yield, organic clothing can cost a little bit more, but it can be worth it, if you find that these types of clothes are more suitable for your baby’s skin.

The farming methods which are used by organic farmers today are much closer to the farming methods which were used by farmers hundreds of years ago, and therefore they are less damaging to the environment. There are strict checks on farmers who want to label their products as organic, to ensure that they are following the guidelines which are laid out to promote this method of farming.

Because this type of clothing is not dyed using synthetic dyes, organic baby clothes may not be available in as brightly colored materials, but many mothers find that non-organic synthetically-dyed materials often fade in the wash anyway.