Include Animal Prints In Your Outfit

Animal prints are often associated with a ferocity for fashion, and even if you’re style isn’t quite bold, a few bold pieces are great ways to liven any outfit without being too overwhelming. A clutch is a classic fashion piece, and a snake skin clutch is a great way to incorporate a print into an outfit. Not only that, but they’re work and formal appropriate as well. It adds a bit of flare without taking over your outfit. Another low-key way to incorporate these daring styles is with a shoe. Pair leopard print flats with skinny jeans and a tee and suddenly your casual outfit is a little more bold and unique. A zebra patterned scarf would work similarly as well. You can wear it with a casual outfit out to meet a friend for lunch or use it to accentuate your favorite little black dress to make it more dynamic and lively. Any of these simple additions are easy on the eye and perfect for the animal-print-wary.

If you’re ready to level up to a statement piece, a jacket is a great place to start. A chic, leopard faux-fur coat is daring and reminiscent of Old Hollywood glamour. Wear it over any simple outfit, or anything monochromatic, and you’re suddenly runway worthy. The same goes for a snakeskin blouse or a zebra print legging, though not nearly as daring, but still bold. Pair a printed blouse or pant with monochromatic pieces to help it stand out, like paint on a canvas.

Remember, animal print doesn’t have to be strictly casual, daring can belong in the workplace, too. Depending on the piece you choose to wear, any piece can be dressed up to go out on the town, or played down to more of an accent piece for more professional atmospheres. These prints are classic and their uses are diverse. Experiment with different printed pieces and see which ones work best with your personal style and roll with it!