Leather Satchel Buying

Things to look for in a leather Satchel

Leather is used to make conventional leather satchels. They come in animal skins, animal prints, canvas, metallic, and other materials. Also, closure type satchels feature a buckle as well. Choosing one is up to your personal taste. However, do consider the following tips before you buy one.

Ease of Access

A good satchel bag should allow you to access contents inside it with ease. Buying briefcase-style satchels that feature buck closures is not a good idea because you may find it harder to undo them, especially when you need to answer a phone call or find the keys to your car in cold weather. If you do need one with closures, we recommend that you chose the ones that come with snap closures.

Overall Scale

If you are tall and healthy, you should not go for a small bag and vice versa. If possible, put on the bag and look at yourself in the mirror in the store. This way you can easily figure out if the bag suits you or not. But if you are buying one online, take into account the dimensions of the bag carefully. You can then compare the size of the bag to the one you already own to make sure the new one will suit you.

Durable Construction

A leather satchel should stand the test of time. If you are on the lookout of a classic, durable satchel, you should go for one made from genuine leather in natural color. Leather satchels made from natural leather are easy to clean and strong. That is why they last several years easily. Look at the bag closely to make certain its handles are securely attached to the bag. Don’t forget to take a look at the bag’s bottom. Some leather satchels have small knobs on the bottom for keeping the bag elevated from the floor surface when the bag is placed on a flat surface, such as table. Make sure all the knobs are there and that they are securely attached.