Lengths Of Dresses

Lengths of dresses for a woman under 30 can be a lot shorter than the lengths of dresses for a woman over 30 can. The extremely short mini-skirts and micro skirts look fabulous on the young women in their teens and their twenties. At this age, a girl of any size, or height, can wear the shorter skirts. After a lady reaches the age of 30 her dress hems need to come down to her mid-thigh, at least.

If a female is tall, and has excellent legs, she can continue to wear garments that have hems above the knees, until she reaches her forties. Most women of 40 prefer their dresses to reach their knees, and some even prefer that the dress comes below the knee.

Women who have a few extra pounds on them need to wear slightly longer skirts to draw the attention away from their mid-sections. The knee length dresses will make the woman appear to be taller and this perception will also make her appear to be slimmer.

Short girls do not look good in dresses that come to the mid-calf or below. A really short female will be made to look even shorter when they dress in skirts that come to their mid-calves. A shorter woman looks better in a shorter skirt. You do not have to go micro-short, but wear a garment that comes to your knees or to the mid-thigh area instead of below the knees.

Tall women are made into models because they can carry off a short skirt, and show off a beautiful expanse of well-shaped legs, or they can wear an ankle length skirt, and this simply makes them look thinner and taller.

A woman that works in an office will wear more skirts than a woman that works at a job that is physically demanding. The office employee will also wear shorter skirts than the woman that works at physically demanding jobs. Most of the time women who work at physically demanding jobs prefer to wear pants because they do not wish to show their undergarments when they bend down to lift something. Lengths of dresses for a woman change as the woman grows older.