Methods to Remove Perfume From Clothes

  • Simple solution – It often benefits to start with the simple solution. Perfume has the potential to break down once it is left exposed to oxygen, light, or heat. Put the clothing through the tumble dryer on a low heat. Or just leave to hang in an open space until the fragrance breaks down. This could take one or two hours to a day or more.
  • Stubborn stains – A more stubborn perfume smell is treated by using one of the spray-on fabric fresheners like Febreze or something similar. Use a fragrance free freshener if you have a sensitivity to perfume. Hang the clothes and spray lightly with the fabric freshener. If the aroma is particularly strong, it may help to spray both sides of the clothing. Now place the clothing in a tumble dryer for a short cycle spin.
  • Wash clothing – For the articles of clothing that are washable, place in the washing machine with a fragrance-free detergent. A more powerful aroma is often neutralized with the help of white vinegar. Add a half-cup to the rinse cycle. If using white vinegar, make certain to repeat the wash cycle to get rid of any traces of the vinegar odor. Wash fragile clothing using one of the more delicate cycles.
  • Scent elimination products – Another method to remove the perfume aroma is by using one of the many scent elimination products in the marketplace. They are highly effective for washing clothes and removing odors at the same time. This scent product comes in several different types. Common choices include the dryer sheets, clothes washes and sprays.
  • Organic detergents – Washing with a zeolites or organic detergent is certain to help with removing the stains and smells from the clothing. They are very fast at breaking down essential oils contained in the fragrances. A chlorine-free oxygen cleaner is able to degrade the perfume aroma. Make certain to rinse the clothing thoroughly to help with removing all signs of the cleaning boosters or detergents.