Nurse Mates Bryar

  1. Comfort – the practicality of shoes are very important in this scenario, as a nurse can spend hours on her feet.
  2. Appearance – whether its choosing a shoe that matches with her uniform or the outfit she’s wearing for dinner after work, a female nurse needs to look professional while maintaining her femininity.

The beauty of the Bryar is that it fulfils both requirements, making it a truly versatile shoe the modern woman can be happy with.

With above average heel height and a huge range or colors and patterns to choose from, the Bryar appeals to a wide variety of tastes or circumstances. In the Bryar, Nurse Mates achieve this by fusing a fashionable looking shoe with the functionality of a nursing shoe. This shoe includes the typical necessities of a good nursing shoe such as slip resistant outsoles, stain resistant exterior, and cushioned/soft inners. Check out a more technical break down of what the Bryar offers below.

A Closer Look At The Bryar:

  • 2.25 inches of heel.
  • Cushioned footbed: the exclusive Nurse Mates pillowed bottoms known for their incredible comfort.
  • Built with stain-resistant materials: available in leather or polyurethane, depending on the style.
  • Flexible fit: every foot is unique and this design takes this into consideration by incorporating adaptable goring.

Nurse Mates offer a well-rounded product in the Bryar, combining the industry specifics for a nursing shoe with the stylishness that a woman wants. The color range means you can have a traditional looking shoe or something a little more funkier, but whichever you pick you know you will look and feel professional.

The heel adds a little more spice and femininity to the product. However, if you feel as though the heel may be too much it may be worth checking out another product, as not everyone will want or be comfortable with the extra height.