Purchasing Baby Clothes

Baby clothes should be bought only when the child really needs them. Do not buy these items simply because they are cute. A child quickly outgrows their clothing so if you buy them a close full of things the chances are high that they will never get to wear the majority of them.

If you have a washer and a dryer at your home then the baby should have 7 sleeper sets, 7 tee-shirts, and 10 pairs of socks, 7 everyday outfits, and 3 outfits you consider to be dress clothing. You also need accessories like bibs that match the clothing. There is no need for more clothes than this because you can always wash their items if they need more.

When you buy clothing that you expect the baby to grow into try and select items that will be appropriate for the time of year that it will be when the child reaches the size needed to wear the clothing. Do not buy summer dresses to fit a six month old baby if the baby will probably be wearing a size six month outfit in the winter.

The more lace that is on a dress the more uncomfortable the item will be. Lace stains easily and is hard to clean. Think about how hard an item is going to be to clean, iron, and keep looking nice. Shop for clothing that will be easy to care for.

Buy clothing that is soft to the touch. Take the fabric and rub it against the sensitive skin of your inner arm. If the fabric feels soft to you it will feel soft to the baby, if it is scratchy to your inner arm then it will be scratchy to baby.

Shop discount stores and stores that sell used clothing. Babies rarely wear out their clothes before they grow out of their clothes. Most moms sell these items in used clothing stores at reduced prices and this is really helpful for them.