Rid Of Gum From Your Clothes

  • Fold the garment while cleaning

Some gum can be very sticky and hard to pull out. Folding the garment outwards to expose the gum to the surface makes it easier to remove. Once you see its base, try pulling it out using a plastic peg or anything that might not cause damage. If this step fails, then proceed to the next one.

  • Put the garment in a plastic bag

To get rid of the gum using this process you can fold the fabric gently exposing the piece of gum to the surface. Put it in a plastic bag with the gum exposed from the garment.

  • Put the garment in the freezer

Put the bag in the freezer so that the gum can freeze and crack making it easy to remove. Give it a few hours then remove it from the freezer. You will realize that the gum will dry up and become easy for you to scrape off.

Use a blunt object to peel off the gum as quickly as possible. Do not attempt to use a sharp knife since it will damage the fabric by cutting it.

  • Boiling

Boiling the garment in hot water loosens the gum fibre hence making it easy to remove. Put the garment in a container full of boiling water and let it boil for a few minutes. Scrape the gum off using a putty knife, toothbrush or an old blunt knife. Scrub the fabric while still in the hot water repeatedly and then leave it to dry. After it is dry, scrub if off again and the gum will come out.