Slave Earrings

“Bajoran earrings” were a nickname attached to a design which appeared on Star Trek and thereby boosted the popularity of the traditional earring that initially became popular during the high point of the punk movement. More heavily layered than those earrings found in the western styles, many traditional Indian brides commonly used slave earrings. Sometimes not directly affixed to the ear, the upper ear piece is many times hung in the space between the head and the ear, although the chain will sometimes extend from the ear to the nose.

As time has gone on, the slave earrings have become more sophisticated, but they continue to rely on chains and studded stones and thus retain some of their punk footings in these modern renditions. The ability to appear extremely feminine when properly attached allows these earrings to worn by anyone. Smaller appearance and fine chains are teamed up with fine gemstones and metals on some of modern styles.

You should initially attach your plainer earrings and then install the earring. Do not cause a tangled chain when you are attaching the lower stud of the slave earrings. You need to carefully pull the second stud up towards the top of your ear cartilage after you pickup the cuff. Pin the stud and hook on the cuff of the earring. Carefully mash the cuff until it is tighter or tighten up the earring stud if it feels a little loose.

You should choose the earring to be the basis for your outfit to create an edgy but feminine appearance. In order to not over crowd the slave earring grouping, do not add any jewelry above the bangles or rings which you might add to increase your jewelry.

You can wear this jewelry with attractive girlie dresses or you can make it an accessory to jeans and a t-shirt. Avoid motorcycle biker bars after you have created this edgy look of putting a bit of hard rock in our styles. Your everyday style can justify some changes to spice things up, but generally, slave earrings can be another alternative to your other fashions.