Some Celebrity Style Inspiration for Winter

Oversize coats

With the arrival of winters, everyone wants to cover up themselves in warm yet comfortable attires. Celebrities are no odds in this case. But celebrities know how to look good even in those awful winter wears.

From last few decades, designers have come up with a trend of coats and blazers. However, with the arrival of every New Year, there has been a change in the looks and cuts of these coats and blazers. All these changes have made coats look more pleasant and trendy. For this winter, oversized coats are in fashion. Many models and celebrities have been spotted wearing these oversized coats and not to mention they look stunning and glamorous as always.

A perfect example of stylish oversize coats was given by Kim Kardashian on her visit to Manhattan with Kanye West. She was wearing an oversized black coat with a sheer black turtleneck top. Not to mention that she was looking sexy and gorgeous as always. Also, Melissa McCarthy, the “Bridesmaids” actress, got her photo shoot done for the Elle magazine’s November cover. In spite of her curves, she decided to cover up herself in an alluring oversized forest green coat.

Bags and Clutches

One accessory without which a girl will never step out is her bag/clutch. They are like every girl’s best friend. Wherever you go, whatever the occasion may be – Bags are going to be with you everywhere. From Louis Vuitton to Gucci, every brand has a wide range of bag styles to choose from. From clutches to shoulder purse, totes to satchel, hobos to cross shoulder bags and many more options are available to choose from. But for this winter season totes are in fashion. The super roomy, spacious, bulky and overpowering have been spotted in hands of Hilary Duff, Katherine Heigl, and Pippa Middleton.