Sparkling Ice Earrings

The most obvious and traditional style of diamond earring is the diamond stud earring. You can find diamond studs ranging from the smallest .01 carats to carat sizes that will simply make your ears hurt just thinking about them. What sweet pain it would be though. The right pair of diamond studs, large or small, can be the perfect accent of elegance to any event. They will always attract the eyes of others, its just that the bigger they are, the faster those eyes will turn.

Another fashionable style of diamond earrings is the diamond chandelier earring. Now these can really come in all shapes and sizes. The one constant among all diamond chandelier earrings is the way that they will hang from your ears. They are usually very elegant with intricate metal work. The diamonds can serve to accent the metal work or to be the focus of the pair. You will find that these are hanging from the ears of many celebrities at award shows and other public events.

A third style of diamond earrings that are always popular is the diamond hoop earring. Again, diamond hoop earrings have many different variations, but again, they all share one characteristic. Diamond hoop earrings are as they sound; hoops that form a circle through your earlobe. The diamonds can encrust the hoop or dangle from it. You can find hoops that are snug to your ears or ones that hit your shoulders. The size will just depend on what you like and what you are comfortable with.

There are many more styles of diamond earrings and you can learn more by looking at various stores and speaking with jewelers. Just be sure that you find the right pair of diamond earrings for your personal taste and style. You will end up happy if you do.