Styles Of Expressive Earrings

  • Classic – Ahhh, the classic look – we all know someone who wears this style well just as Jackie Kennedy and Grace Kelly did. This look breathes confidence and summons respect. It is a great style to fall back on when unsure of what’s appropriate for any occasion and classic-style women know that. There is hardly an outfit that can’t be beautifully accented with lovely gold earrings in a simple but elegant style with a single gemstone or perhaps a nicely weighted gold hoop. This is a wardrobe “must” for every age woman-of-the-world.
  • Trendy – This is the look for a woman who likes to keep up with the times and try new things. Gold earrings, white or yellow, in chandelier style was all the rage for awhile for this style only to then be replaced by the more Bohemian beaded, artistic fashions. This woman adapts to change and goes with the flow. What’s in today might be out tomorrow and that’s okay with her. She’ll try different clothing looks and find just the right earrings to accent them.
  • Fun – Playful jewelry can be large or small in size – perhaps animal oriented such as ladybug stud earrings with enamel or large gold hoop earrings or even colored ones inspired by the vintage styles of only a couple of decades ago. Some of the costume pieces of the 60’s & 70’s were bold and bright and almost cartoon like and are often favorites of this genre who themselves are often women who appreciate humor and know the value of a good laugh.
  • Antique – Evoking the eras gone by with the real thing or antique inspired replica jewelry, the look of yesteryear is captured beautifully in gold earrings in the Art Deco or Victorian styles that have remained constantly popular throughout the generations with fashionable women. These women often appreciate tradition and history as well as fine craftsmanship and the art of jewelry of these eras and it’s reflected in their style choices today.

And of course there is often more times than not a little of all of the above in a woman’s fashion style. Certainly on today’s red carpets the styles seem to go through cycles just as an individual woman’s choices do herself – gold earrings, platinum earrings, chandelier style, studs only, subtle or large. Sometimes only earrings, sometimes a coordinating necklace and earring set. There are no hard fast rules anymore and with the ability for celebrities to borrow luxurious gemstones worth in the millions, there’s also no limit to the decadence and spectacular pieces that are worn. Fortunately for the rest of us, there are versions in all budget ranges that can have us looking just as good, whatever style of earrings, gold or otherwise, catch our fancy or fit with our fashion style.