Styling ‘Tall’ Body Types

Over sized is Disastrous!

First, avoid everything that will hang off your body, i.e. over sized clothing. If you wear baggy or poorly fitted clothes, you will give the appearance of being too thin and sloppy. Well, at times you need to buy bigger sizes to cover your long body, but that extra fabric is not something you need.

Go for the Right Fit!

Second, you need to stay away from everything that is extremely fitted. This is especially important if you are a big and tall guy. Extremely tight clothing will make your longer torso appear disproportionate, and this is definitely not desirable.

Select Taller Versions of Clothing

Third, when selecting dress shirts and even polos, go for ‘taller’ versions that will tuck inside your trousers. It’s really easy to find longer shirts these days. All you need to do is visit a big and tall apparel store that offers taller versions of clothing and doing this will save you from looking strange.

One thing taller guys can do and bigger peeps can’t is wear horizontal stripes. Wearing shirts with horizontal stripes gives the illusion that your body has more mass than what you actually do. Vertical stripes, on the other hand, make you taller, which at times can look awkward.

No Monochromatic Dressing

Fourth thing you need to keep in mind is to avoid dressing up in one color. Well, this advice also applies to big guys especially if they don’t want to look like a huge block of color. Tall peeps, when dressed in one color, can look intimidating so go for trousers and jackets in different colors. Remember, you don’t need to create the illusion of extra inches so one color, head to toe is a big no-no.

Straight Leg Bottoms are Ideal

Last go for straight leg bottoms, including trousers and jeans. Turtle neck tees, shirts and sweatshirts, can make you appear attractive. As for clothing accessories, go for thicker belts and ties.