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Reasons Buy Diamond Heart Pendants

They are Absolutely Awesome

A heart-shaped pendant is an ideal gift if you want to make your women happy on her wedding or birthday. In fact, it will make that day more memorable. Moreover, pendants can create memories that you will never forget. Made with precious metals like platinum and gold, this jewelry can make a great gift. Some are also embedded with diamonds.

If you are worried about price, know that the diamond-embedded ones won’t cost you an arm and a leg. So, they won’t empty your pocket. This is the reason many people have the budget to invest in them.

They are Meaningful

These jewelry items have deep meanings for everyone. Some people think pendants are full of love and affection. So, they can help a couple strengthen their love bond, which is the dream of every couple out there.

Aside from this, there are some spiritual and religious meanings as well. According to some people, this heart shape represents the love between human beings.

They Express True Love

Unlike other jewels, pendants are thought to manifest real emotions and feelings of love. However, the same can’t be said about wedding/engagement rings as their use is limited to special occasions only.

Typically, men consider the likes and dislikes of their ladies before buying a heart pendant. Generally, women of all ages tend to love gold, platinum, and sterling silver. Therefore, if you have no idea which one to buy, you can opt for gold, platinum or silver.

You will be over the moon to see the expressions on your lady’s face when you produce the pendant in front of her.

Lucky Charm

Many women think heart pendants are a symbol of good luck. In other words, this thing can help them deal with difficult situations in their life more easily.

Aside from this, some also believe that a pendant can help them keep bad luck away. We don’t know how much of it is true, but this is one of the many reasons women buy this piece of jewelry.

Diamond Stud Earrings

First, let’s dispense with the smaller stones: if you are buying one half carat or less total weight (meaning that each diamond weighs a quarter carat), then just about any setting style will be fine because it is very light weight.

However, if you are buying a one carat, two carat or larger pair of earrings, you need to carefully consider the setting style. There are three basic setting styles which are described below.

  • Crown style settings: Most retail jewelers sell a crown style setting that pushes the diamond (and the weight) forward. The heavy weight of this setting will often cause the earring to droop downward in your ear lobe, which results in a sloppy look. The crown style setting looks like a solid metal cup with oval cutouts which extend into the 4 prongs that secure the diamond.
  • Basket style settings: Better diamond studs are mounted deep in a basket setting, which balances the weight more evenly and and results in an earring that displays more or less straight forward in the ear. The basket setting is not solid metal. It is lighter open wire and looks like a hoop at the bottom with four perpendicular prong wires, and a second hoop near the top. If you purchase basket settings, the diamond should be set low in the basket, to keep the center of gravity as close as possible to the ear lobe, for a proper fit.
  • Martini style settings: The best setting, however, is difficult to find, and it is called a martini style setting. In this style, the back of the diamond (or culet) rests most nearly against the ear lobe. Because the center of gravity is further backwards, the diamond rests straight forward in the ear lobe, for a neat, clean forward look. Martini style settings hold the diamond with three prongs as opposed to four prongs as in the previous two styles of setting. This shows off the brilliance and fire of the diamond more effectively because there is less metal covering the actual stone itself. If you hold the martini setting with the post downward, it appears like a martini glass, with three simple wires that secure the diamond and extend to three prongs.

Buy Affordable Diamond Earrings

The first C is the colour of diamond and the colour is the natural tint of diamond. And always remember that if you are searching for affordable earrings then colour is the most important factor which you must consider. Diamonds with yellow tint is affordable compare to red and pink as they are expensive.

The next is the cut of diamond which you must consider. The cut of diamond refers two different categories first is the quality of diamond and second is the shape. You can have host of choices in diamond cut such as emerald, princess, round and many other. But if you want to save money on your earring then you can go for those cuts which are not common because they are less expensive. You can also buy an earring of low quality. You can determine the quality of the cut by how much the light the cut reflects and make the diamond sparkle or you can also check how sharp the angle is.

Another thing which you must consider before purchasing your affordable earring is the clarity of diamond. Clarity refers to the number of imperfections or inclusions in your earring. Always remember that a clear diamond is very expensive therefore those who are searching for affordable earring can buy a diamond earring with a few marks inside. And you can not see these marks with naked eye therefore it is the best way to get earring at cheap prices.

At last is the carat of diamond. Carat of diamond refers to the weight of diamond and is measured in carat. And always remember that carat is the most important factor which you must consider if you are searching for affordable earrings because a diamond of higher carat is expensive compare to diamond of lower carat. Another reason of considering carat is that earring come in pairs and should have two equal sizes of diamonds.

After considering the 4C’S you must consider the style of your earring. There are host of choices in style but the most popular style is chandelier style earring. These earrings are best for formal situation and for those women who work. And they are very affordable earrings so you can easily buy it without spending your lot of money.

But if you are looking for classic style then diamond stud earrings are the best option for you. The most common style of diamond stud earrings are post and hinged. But before purchasing your diamond stud earring you must have the knowledge that in post style diamonds are placed on metal post whereas in hinged style diamonds hang below hinge. But before selecting the style of earring you must consider the taste and preference of your partner.

Diamond Engagement Ring

When looking at diamond engagement ring styles your first thoughts should be about your partner, what she would want, the lifestyle that she leads and how you feel about each other.

Think of her day to day routine and style. If she wears a lot of jewelry and loves to sparkle then maybe a three stone ring or a solitaire that has a lavish pave’ setting would suit her. If she has more refined tastes then I bet that keeping it simple with a spectacular solitaire diamond would be appreciated.

You can get diamond engagement ring styles that have a variety of patterned engravings for those that like a more antique look or there are rings whose centerpiece are tension set to give the illusion of a ‘floating’ diamond. Modern band designs also compliment the modern woman who likes to stand out.

If your lady loves color in her life, then adding gemstones like sapphires, emeralds or rubies to your ring will certainly delight her.

The Band

When it comes to the band, think of her hands and fingers. A woman with long slender fingers will suit a ring with a smaller band width, whereas a woman with thicker fingers will suit a thicker band that will compliment them.

Your Budget

Your budget also plays a part and this can actually impact on the success of your proposal and future marriage. Have a realistic budget and stick to it. There are some spectacular diamond engagement ring styles that really don’t cost too much, but that look like a million bucks. Trust me; she will love your ring far more if it doesn’t put any financial pressure on you both.

Make It Match

One other thing to bear in mind when looking at diamond engagement ring styles is your wedding ring. Both your engagement rings and your wedding rings will have to match styles and metals, so don’t think that you can go all out and buy a platinum engagement ring that is ornately decorated if you are not prepared to follow through with a platinum, ornately decorated wedding band.

The most important thing is to really consider her and to be honest when choosing your ring. The last thing that you want is for her to feel self conscious about wearing it. Your precious ring should fit nicely on her finger, be as much a part of her life as you are and if you have got it right it will still give her the ‘warm fuzzies’ even after 10 years of wearing it.