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Polish Glam Look

Wearing clothes that fit and flatter your body is number one. Sometimes we have misconstrued ideas of sizes and shapes and lose ourselves in styles that may not suit us. First thing’s first: determine your body shape. This will then dictate what sorts of cuts and styles look best on you. Take handbags for instance. If you’re petite, then a small handbag or clutch compliments your stature, whereas an oversized tote might appear to shrink you. But if you’re tall and linear, then a crossbody bag can help create shape and dimension. The same goes for clothing. Certain cuts lengths and styles look best on certain body types. Additionally, determine which tones look best with your skin tone. Find which styles and colors look best on you, and even the most casual outfit will appear more polished.

Knowing how to accessorize is key in fashion. These handy tools can transform the style of any ensemble and dress it up or down accordingly. Having a collection of timeless accessories can ensure that you look put-together no matter where you’re going and can be added in a rush without planning ahead. We often think that looking manicured and purposeful takes a lot of time, and while we can invest that time when we want to, sometimes we just don’t have that time to invest. Having a go-to set of classic accessories, such as a scarf, leather handbag and bold statement necklace can make you chic on any given day.

Color is key. Knowing which colors go together, aside from which ones flatter your skin tone, can make or break an outfit. Once you have figured out which tones and shades look best on you and suit your style, see which ones go best together. See which ones match and see which others contrast, making sure that no combination clashes. Depending on the look or occasion, looking perfectly matched or perfectly accented can transform you from drab to fab.

All of these tips require that you know a bit about yourself, but never be afraid to experiment or mix and match. Looking polished is all about looking purposeful regardless of how much time you have at your disposal to put a look together. Once you have an arsenal full of clothes, shoes and accessories that suit and flatter you, you’re sure to look more polished.