Test Perfume

Dabbing a few drops of liquid on your wrist and rubbing the two together is the most commonly used method to test perfume. However, many beauty experts advise against doing this as it “crushes the molecules”. What do we mean by crushing the molecules?

Body temperature determines how a particular perfume will smell on us. Like already mentioned above, it is a blend of essential oils. It includes fruity, floral, woodsy, green and musky notes. The top notes are the strongest and are sensed immediately on use. They evaporate following which the less-volatile middle and base notes appear. The base notes linger the longest. Heat determines how fast the top notes will evaporate. It evaporates faster on warm skin. When we rub our wrists together, the skin becomes hot. Thus, the rise in temperature affects the way the fragrance develops.

So, does this mean you should not test a perfume on your wrist? You can test it on your wrist, but there is a particular technique of doing it. The next time you go shopping for perfumes, here’s how to test and choose the best options for you.

The first step includes knowing your favorite fragrances – the smells you like. Women have an inclination to sweet-smelling fruity and floral notes while men prefer earthy and grassy notes. Oriental scents are popular with men and women. Scent preferences need not to be gender-specific. At the cosmetics counter, at a department or beauty store request the assistance of a sales associate. The sales associate there will offer suggestions based on your perfume preferences.

The sales associate will offer you a testing strip. Spray a small amount of perfume on it. Let the testing strip stand for a few seconds and smell it. Test two or three perfumes the same way. It is advised that you do not test more than three on the same day. You can always come back to test more before you make our final pick. If you insist on testing many, use a few coffee beans after every perfume trial. It takes away the scent of the previous one.

Fashion magazines are another place to test perfume before you pay for them. Popular fashion magazines include tiny sample strips in their editions. You can smell to determine what a fragrance smells like.