Threader Earrings

Now, silver and gold threader earrings come in varying lengths and chain styles. Some styles can hang all the way to the shoulder that gives a very dramatic and sexy look. Other lengths are more conservative, but stylish nonetheless. As for the front chain, it may be twisted for style, a simple box or serpentine chain. Each one gives off a different look.

Gold and sterling silver threader earrings also offer an opportunity for unique expression. Yes, the basic concept is a thin chain that hangs from the lobe, but if there are multiple piercings, a whole new look can be achieved. Of course, the earring would have to be a longer plain style for this to work. The look is achieved by threading the earring back and forth through the multiple holes. This creates an interesting draped look. Adding a charm or bead to it makes the look even more dramatic.

This unusual design makes a great gift for the girl who loves fashion and has to be in the latest styles. Because of the versatility and personalization opportunities, it is also a great gift for the girl who likes to stand out with her fashion choices.

Threader earrings should be stored just like bracelets and necklaces. Because of their long slender design, the risk of tangling is great. Because the chains are thin enough of to slide through the piercing, they are also delicate and can be easily broken while trying to untangle them. The best method of storage is in an earring tree where each piece has its own hole and it hangs as if it were in the ear. At the very least, give each pair its own compartment so the only risk is tangling with itself.

Cleaning these pieces is fairly easy. Gold threader earrings can be cleaned with soapy water or jewelry cleaner and wiped down with a polishing cloth. For the sterling silver pieces, use special cleaner designed for removing tarnish. The sterling silver cloths are great for polishing them back to their original silver shine.

This unique style adds pizzazz to any outfit- casual or elegant. Trends come and go, but for the latest in style in earrings, this is the way to go. It will likely join the ranks of the hoop and the dangle as a classic style. In sterling silver or gold, a girl can create a look that shows off her fun flirty side as well as her sophisticated and chic side. And, she can do it with the same pair of threader earrings!