Tips for Purchasing Bridal Jewelry

  • Remember, it begins with your engagement and wedding ring. This is probably the only jewelry that you’ll wear every day for the rest of your life. It sets the tone by showing your taste in jewelry and your personal style.
  • Decide what kind of ceremony you want. Formal, semi-formal? Afternoon or evening? Casual? A non-traditional medieval or Celtic wedding?
  • Don’t feel pressured into having a service that other people feel is appropriate. This is for you and your fiance to decide. The type of service you choose will effect all your other decisions regarding wedding attire and jewelry.
  • Buy your gown before you choose your bridal jewelry. Every piece of jewelry, other than your wedding set, revolves around the gown. It will set the tone for everything else.
  • Consider the color of your gown. Jewelry that looks gorgeous on a white gown might not look good on an ivory dress. Gold might add a perfect touch to an ivory dress but not on classic white. Try to coordinate the metal colors in your jewelry. Using both gold and silver doesn’t usually work.
  • Are you using any family heirloom jewelry? If so, you’ll need the new items you purchase to compliment, or at least not clash with the things you’ve already decided to wear. Brides often use this as their chance for “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue”.
  • It’s all about the neckline. A strapless gown can be enhanced with a larger necklace and earrings. Shorter, choker type necklaces work well with strapless gowns also. Beaded straps might need a small necklace. This is also true if your neckline is heavily trimmed with sequins or crystals. You’ll want to coordinate with the trim in your gown so the jewelry and trim blends. Pearls usually go better with beads, and diamonds with crystals.  A v-neck might need only a diamond solitaire.
  • Coordinate with your bridesmaids. You want the complete look of your bridal party to harmonize. There will be lots of photographs of the whole party so make sure everything works well together.
  • Think about the veil. You might want to consider stud or small hoop earrings that can’t become tangled in a veil.
  • Don’t over do it. You don’t want your jewelry to be the star of the show. Everything you wear should make the guests say, “Oh my, the bride looks so beautiful.” You want to choose pieces that complement your personal appearance. Earrings can frame your face. A necklace will draw attention to your lovely shoulders and neck. Think about what you want to enhance about your features.
  • Try everything on at one time. You might find a wonderful tiara and an awesome set of earrings that look incredible separately. Put them together and they’re simply too much. You want to find the perfect balance of glamour and simplicity to create your desired effect.