Wear Cashmere Jumpers In Spring

The transitional period between winter and summer is never an easy one, and the best fashion advice anyone can receive is the importance of layering. We all know now just how unpredictable the weather can be. Freak snow storms that have left countries frozen, a month’s worth of rain in a day which results in harsh flooding, or a heat wave in the middle of the spring, followed by another extreme cold front. You can never prepare fully for normal seasonal weather as we just don’t get it anymore. This is why layering is more important than ever to ensure you’re ready for anything and remain as stylish as you want to be.

And your cashmere is just the thing for that.

A cashmere jumper can be just the thing you need for strolling down a breezy beach dreaming of warm summer days. A cashmere hoody can be the perfect piece when it’s too warm for your coat yet still too chilly for just your t-shirt, and your cashmere cardigan can remain to be the old faithful piece you use in the evenings out in the garden or on special occasions when you need something to finish off that layered look in a formal way. Perfect.

So don’t consider packing your cashmere away just yet. It serves you well throughout the colder seasons but it can serve you just as well through the warmer months too. The secret is layering, and if you master the look you can ensure you do your cashmere justice and can wear it and show it off in all its full glory, something that should always be the done anyway.